PPC Tips – Ann Stanley Speaks at Figaro Digital 2012

Today (29th November 2012) Ann Stanley, MD of Anicca Digital is taking part in the infamous Figaro Digital 21s. Ann covers 21 slides, at 21 seconds per slide- this is no mean feat!

For those of you who are new to the Digital Marketing loop, Figaro Digital is a conference where the best of the best of Online Marketing get together and share thoughts, ideas, strategy and whatever else is one their mind!

Ann’s presentation this year, titled ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of PPC Marketing’ showcases real life examples of everything from the worst ads, conversions and landing pages to the beautiful examples of ads which have had a fantastic conversion rate.

Delegates will be able to gain valuable insights into how PPC marketing can have a huge benefit on your traffic and conversion rates. You’ll also see real examples of how ads have really crashed and burned. Search engines are constantly developing to tackle misuse and meet the demands of users, so it’s essential any online business stays on top of its marketing strategy.

Ann analyses how campaigns can be improved by focussing in four elements, Quality Score, Click Through Rate, Position and Bidding and Click Through Rate, as well as the revealing signals of a failing campaign such as terrible CTRs and other signals you need to look out for to keep your campaign healthy. If you didn’t manage to catch her presentation or if you’d like to see it again, then it’s below for you to use.

Check out the presentation below, or follow the link here


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