Welcoming the Newbie on The Block!

I would like to introduce myself to you awesome readers so continue reading if you want to know more about the newbie (yes, it is I) on the team…

My name is Elona Jetullahu, and I am Anicca’s new Social Media Executive. Now we all know this ‘social media’ title comes with a lot of responsibilities (like retweeting Justin Bieber’s new song), but I wanted to learn about social media on a technical level. I wanted to find the depth and meaning to countless hours used every day on our precious devices. When social media becomes a career to you, it is no longer personal hours wasted… it is hours invested.

After years of striving to maximise clients’ social platforms and providing effective digital marketing it was evident to me that driving an online presence for companies is something I’ll always want to do.

One thing you need to know about me is that my creative cap never comes off. Like ever. Pairing my creativity with ongoing and upcoming trends is the perfect blend for the social media scene. At times of the day I compromise my creative cap for the genius light bulb moments when building paid campaigns, which Anicca is guiding and mentoring me generously on fulfilling now more than ever in my previous working years.

What do I do in my spare time? I sing! Genres? RnB, Trap Soul (soul & hip hop), and Blues. It’s a strong passion of mine and has always been the stem of my creativity and positive attitude. You might find me humming along tunes most of the time!

On an obvious note, I am so honoured to be a part of the team of experts here at Anicca. It is certainly a roll-up-your-sleeves moment as there is a lot to master and perfect, but I’m also looking forward to learning more and more about our clients and developing my digital skills *dramatic cliché quote*: “A day without learning is a day without living”.

Thanks for reading!

3 Random Facts about me:

  • I did work experience at Anicca when I was studying a few years ago
  • You may have read my surname and wondered where I’m from… I’m Albanian!
  • I am the Young People’s Ambassador for a local charity, Soft Touch Arts


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