Build an Engaged List: Psychology, Hacks and Mistakes by Kenda Macdonald of Automation Ninja

Kenda Macdonald presented “How to Build an Engaged list” at Anicca Digital’s 6th Leicester Digital Live Conference on 16th February.

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10am – Kenda Macdonald, Automation Ninjas


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Kenda Macdonald, bestselling author and founder of Automation Ninjas, takes us through a wide range of strategies, tips and tactics to create, build and boost your customer lists to generate real growth.

What should your list(s) look like?

Your customer list should be made up of people who want to hear from you because you know how to help them, they understand the value that you offer and, consequently, they want to come back time after time.

We have evolved as a species by building and belonging to communities of people that we trust. Similarly, we have survived by not trusting the unknown. The same applies today in all aspects of life, including business. Unfortunately, at the outset, businesses are always in the ‘unknown’ category, so trust must be built through engagement.


We can use two psychographic approaches to build this trust:

IAO – Understand the interests of the community, see how they manifest in attitudes and ultimately create opinions.

  • Interest
  • Attitudes
  • Opinions


PMO – Understand the problem that is being faced, contribute to the mindset to solve that problem and provide the solution that is the ultimate outcome.

  • Problem
  • Mindset
  • Outcome

The ingredients for list building

Your list-building methodology needs several key ingredients

  • Understanding of your audience
  • Some value exchange
  • A prominent sign-up form
  • A CRM or marketing automation system in the background
  • A communications plan to add value and build relationships
  • Good quality content

Five List Building Strategies

Once you have the basics in place, you have a choice of strategies that you can pursue:

1 Capture those email sign-ups

  • Make your sign-up form obvious
  • Make it an event
  • Put multiple lead magnets in place
  • Cater for all levels of awareness

Add some rocket fuel by:

  • Naming your list
  • Adding social positioning
  • Displaying social proof
  • Showing the benefits


2 Blogs, organic traffic and lead magnets

  • Use content to raise your position
  • Cater to SEO intent
  • Educate your traffic
  • Prove your authority
  • Use CTAs and sign-up options throughout

Add some rocket fuel by:

  • Combining intent with awareness levels and product questions
  • Daisy-chaining your content
  • Sprinkling micro case studies throughout
  • Using testimonials


3 Webinars

  • In-depth time spent on the problem
  • Create value by breaking the problem down
  • Show your knowledge and authority
  • Capture lead information and upsell

Add some rocket fuel by:

  • Validating the problem by using search volume
  • Advertising and building hype
  • Encouraging participation
  • Following up afterwards
  • Retargeting


4 Active Social Distribution

  • Add value through social media
  • Distribute content repeatedly
  • Engage where your audience resides and provide helpful content

Add some rocket fuel by:

  • Splintering content for ongoing impact
  • Using content in your outreach
  • Repurposing content for articles


5 Advertising

  • Drive traffic to content that works
  • Use social, search, physical ads
  • Employ paid promotion

Add some rocket fuel by:

  • Using search intent as well as volume
  • Keeping your CTAs clear and strong
  • Catering to varying awareness levels
  • Retargeting to increase ROI

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