Top Tips on How to Integrate Your PPC & SEO Strategies

Presented by Ann Stanley yesterday at SES London, ‘Top tips on Integrating your PPC and SEO Strategies’ espouses the efficacy of using your PPC data to inform your SEO strategy with a “Combine and Conquer” approach.

Beginning with a look at the initial stages of keyphrase research and identifying your levels of competition, Ann raises the point that regardless of how thoroughly you conduct such a process, these techniques do not take into account whether the selected keyphrases are likely
to drive actions or sales (conversions).

Through running PPC campaigns on your selected keyphrases for a substantial period of time, you can identify which perform the best in terms of conversion rates and also, gain an overall view of how users act in your particular sector. Using the results you can ascertain how you should approach your overall SEO strategy.

Ann also discusses how you can utilise your PPC data to identify the most effective ad copy and how this is invaluable knowledge for the improvement of page titles and meta descriptions from an SEO point of view. Small changes can have a huge effect on CTR in a PPC campaign and the transferrable nature of such data can allow you to continually improve your organic CTR in unison.

The third and final section of the presentation examines landing page effectiveness and methods you can use to test, measure and improve their overall performance. For example, by combining the knowledge of what PPC keywords drive the most qualified traffic to a particular landing page, you are able to determine which keywords you should optimise those pages for in an SEO strategy.

Browse and download the presentation using SlideShare below.


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