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Workshop Presentations from the B2B Marketing Expo

Anicca Digital have once again been out and about exhibiting and speaking, this time at the B2B Marketing Expo at the Excel Centre in London.

As well as a seminar slot we also ran two workshops, alternating each hour across the two days. Below you can find the slideshows from each of the talks.

What’s New In Search for the B2B Marketing Expo from Neil Hannam

In his presentation Neil Hannam discussed ‘What’s New In Search’. This included Google’s latest adjustments to how it displays search results pages, new features that have been introduced in the past few months. He also covered the latest developments in SEO and PPC touching on new developments such as Google’s Rank Brain, the impact of the removal of the right hand text ads and the latest algorithm updates.

As is so often the case there were even some updates going on during this week such as Google expanding the width of the main search panel which increased the Title Tag and Meta Description character limits and some indications of an algorithm update. If you saw the presentation on Wednesday there are some new updated slides that you will not yet have seen…

B2B Facebook Strategy Masterclass – B2B Marketing Expo from Ann Stanley

Anicca Digital MD, Ann Stanley, delivered a workshop on Facebook Strategies for B2B Businesses that was packed with useful and innovative tips including how to make the most of social media advertising, Instant Articles and organic audience optimisation.

It also covered why B2B businesses shouldn’t dismiss Facebook as a highly effective marketing channel and how to implement best practice for Facebook and developing a clear strategy.

Integrating Search, Content and Social Media Marketing for B2B Businesses – B2B Marketing Expo from Ann Stanley

Finally Ann delivered a seminar on Integrating Search, Content and Social Media Marketing for B2B Businesses. The presentation included;

  • Understanding how your brand can be found online
  • Understanding the Google search results pages
  • How do search engines work
  • Creating supporting content
  • Why an integrated approach
We’d like to thank everyone who came to either the seminar or either of the workshop sessions during the week and hope you all took something from each that will help you to better develop your own online strategies either for PPC, Social Media or SEO.
If you have any questions or are in need of an agency to support your digital marketing efforts then please don’t hesitate to contact us by completing the form below.
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