New In Google AdWords – Table Ad Extensions Beta

In the forever changing world of Google AdWords it is hard to keep up with all the new features and changes that are happening on a monthly, sometimes even daily basis – But don’t worry we’ve got your back.

One of the latest arrivals in Google Beta is what is being referred to as both ‘Table Ad Extension’ and ‘sitelink cards‘ – It looks to be a mix of the current sitelinks, combined with product/service pricing data.

What Does This New Feature Allow?

The sitelink card extensions allow advertisers to create a table like extension beneath the main ad, populated with prices for your product and/or services. This new features allows users to quickly see your offering alongside your price point; meaning that when a user does click through the ad they are instantly already more qualified for purchase as they are already over that question on everyone’s mind.. How much does it cost?

As with all new features Google is still ironing out some of the technicalities, to allow this feature to be used across all industry areas. Where prices change regularly the use is currently limited – however seen in the example later in the article you can see how Air BnB are utilising the feature.

It isn’t yet clear if the data is running off of a feed, but the Air Bnb data certainly seems to be doing so.

How do they look?

The extensions are currently appearing in a number of different formats; we have seen them in the standard table/ list format you would expect given the naming, but also in a carousel sliding format on mobile devices.




As always it seems Google is testing and deciding which one it will show randomly for each and every ad auction.

The new feature has certainly peaked our interest and it should yours too – with this increased landscape in the search results, pushing your competitors further and further down the page; as well as the likely positive impact on conversion and bounce rates we’re excited for this extension to roll out across all accounts.

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