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Display networks and programmatic display advertising

Many advertisers work hard to find the right websites to target and simply show their ads there. Whilst doing this drastically increases your exposure to prospective customers, this approach is only half the story and usually leads to poor conversions and low click through.

Using DoubleClick, Googles Display Network (GDN), Facebook Exchange and many others, we segment and target customers based on demographic, location and much more. We can target users based on the actions they performed on your site, or find similar customers to those you already do business with and target those too. These are a small number of intelligent ways we can ensure you get to the right customers at the right time, reducing your waste and getting detailed reports on every pound spent.

We have highlighted below some opportunities within dynamic display advertising that can benefit you, however its often the case that a campaign will need to be customised to you and your business to work most effectively. If you would like to discuss your display needs, or if you require further information, just get in touch. We’ll be able to take time to run through your options and let you know what’s best for you. We pride ourselves on being transparent, and because we are all trainers, we are able to give you the information to make qualified and informed decisions.

Refined Google Display Network (GDN) Targeting

Google’s Display Network (GDN) represents over 80% of sites used by visitors in the UK. That’s a huge number of websites all engaging with potential customers talking about the products or services that you offer, and Googles display network is potentially only one option available to you. Using display you are able to join that discussion early, displaying ads to customers that might not have thought about you.

However, targeting the right websites can sometimes be only half the battle. Knowing the profile of your core customers and targeting them with refined and specific ads can significantly improve click through and conversion rates. For example Women in the UK over the age of 45, with an interest in music and art might convert the best on your site, or possibly the worst. Using Doubleclick you can target or exclude this demographic, even finding similar demographics with similar browsing habits that you can target too.

Programmatic Display Advertising

Display advertising can be a powerful tool for businesses, but it is important to work with an experienced agency to avoid any costly mistakes.

One of the areas of display advertising that requires a practised hand is programmatic display advertising.

What is Programmatic Display Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the act of automating the process of buying, placing and optimising online advertising inventory.

We no longer have to rely on placing banner ads on any and every website, as programmatic technology allows us to target browsers based on their interests, demographics and browsing history – which means better conversion rates and a higher return on your investment.

Programmatic display advertising relies on the quality and reliability of the data it uses, so it is crucial to understand the key data types used by advertisers:

First-Party Data

This is data that has been collected and owned by you i.e. from customer transactions, form completions etc…

Second-Party Data

Basically, another company’s first-party data that is shared directly with you – rather than via a middleman or data aggregator.

Third-Party Data

This is data that comes from an outside source – usually from multiple websites and then aggregated and sold.

It is important to understand the different types of data used in programmatic advertising so they can be leveraged and targeted more effectively. For example, your first-party data can be used to create ‘lookalike’ audiences, which would require a different messaging strategy to the more general third-party data sets.

Benefits of programmatic PPC

The benefits of using programmatic advertising technology in your PPC campaigns are:

  • It can free up time and resources, allowing you and your team to focus more on strategy
  • The data you obtain can give you a much more informed view of your customers, providing further insights to inform your overall PPC strategy

A lot of PPC budget is spent in display advertising, so making use of programmatic technology to automate where your ads are shown and who they are shown to can offer great results as well as freeing up your time to concentrate on other areas of your marketing campaign.

Our approach…

As a data-centric digital agency, we don’t just set up campaigns and let them run. We constantly analyse and perform tests to make sure your campaign performs as effectively as possible.

We believe there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to online marketing, so all of the campaigns we set-up and manage are completely bespoke to each client – taking into account your individual business needs and objectives.

Anicca Digital are one of the largest Google Partners in the Midlands and amongst the top 15 Google Ads agencies in the UK. We provide a wide range of PPC, or ‘Pay-Per-Click’, services and packages for businesses of all sizes around the UK.

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