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Whats New in Shopping Ads and Buy Buttons – Presentation at SASCon 2015

Download my most recent presentation “Whats new in Shopping ads and buy buttons” presented last week at SASCon 2015, where I review a number of PPC advertising options for ecommerce merchants:

SASCon 2015

SASCon 2015 was their 6th conference on Search Analytics and Social and was held this week in Manchester.  I was invited to present on two sessions, below are my slides for the Session entitled “PPC Beyond Google”.

My angle was ecommerce PPC and specifically “what’s new in Shopping ads and buy buttons”. I chose this due to the recent flurry of announcements from various platforms about new buy buttons.   However, I did cheat slightly and included an update on some of the new features in Google as well!

You can download the pdf of the presentation by clicking the link  Whats new with Shopping ads and buy buttons, or you can view it on Slideshare below.

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