Bing Now Combines Yahoo Data into its webmaster tools

The partnership between Bing and Yahoo has been much talked about in the industry over the past couple of years with the companies working together to chip at Google’s massive market share of Search.  Which is why it comes as no surprise that Bing are now integrating search data from Yahoo into its webmaster tools. 

What’s different with Bing Webmaster tools?

Not a lot really as many of you may know Bing and Yahoo really don’t have any share of the search market (with the combined users at just under 7%, compared with Google’s massive 90%).
Bing has stated that you may notice the following as part of this new integration:

1.    Impressions – will go up based on combined data numbers across both search engines
2.    Clicks – will go up based on combined data numbers
3.    Click Through Rates (CTR) as appropriate for above (change only due to the mathematics involved in the first two items)

Below is a screenshot of one of the websites I am looking after with their search impressions both before and after the implementation.

As you can see not much of a dramatic increase after the implementation! So other than double the amount of data and a nice little combined picture this is not very newsworthy (in this country anyway) although what may become interesting is how this may open the gates for more combined technology.

Other than every SEM company in the country waiting for the partnership to integrate Yahoo with Bing advertising (to save us from Yahoos clunky Ad centre) it has been widely reported Yahoos Site Explorer will soon be closing it’s doors.  Here at Anicca we have our fingers crossed that we will soon see Bing site explorer and maybe more!

Posted by James Murphy


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