Microsoft continue their ‘relationship’ with Twitter.

Twitter tweets back to @bingMicrosoft’s Bing has extended its search deal with micro-blogging platform Twitter for another two years, choosing to once again not renew their deal with the search giant Google.

It seems that Twitter was keener to work things out with Bing, rather than take the risk of things going wrong after Google launched Google+.

Twitter has had ongoing issues with Google after the launch of their own social network Google+.  This stopped them fully working on their Twitter account and unsurprisingly ruffled rather more than a few feathers.  Still, as Google+ is in its embryonic stage, Twitter is a palpable loss, due to the value of their constantly updated feeds.

Though Google is by far the dominating force for search, the ongoing partnerships with Twitter will give Bing a real edge.  Social media is such a powerful tool in today’s online world that as Google look inward to improve its own social platform that Bing may sneak up on them.

In true Twitter style, the decision was announced by the official Twitter page, tweeting the Bing page stating how wonderful their previous affiliation had been.

Then Bing replied: “@Twitter Let’s say we stick together and do bigger and better things?”, followed by Twitter tweeting back: “@bing We’re in. Can’t wait for what comes next”.

Bing’s allying into the social fray as opposed to attacking head on may soon make them a force to be reckoned with as Bing has recently integrated into Facebook search. They also now show what your friends have “liked” within their own search engine.

However this is all we know for the time being! Neither of the companies revealed anything else about their upcoming partnership so watch this space…


Posted by Lucie Crouch


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