New Google Updates: Local Search & Google City Expert Program

There’s no denying that keeping up to date with the latest Google update is hard work – these guys never sleep! The good news is that we get to benefit from these constant updates. The latest update from Google HQ is the new overlay feature on local search (previously Google Places) and the new Google City Expert Program.

Changes to Local Search

Local Search Updates

Local search results have changed in that they no longer link to the Google+ business page. Instead, an overlay appears which lists the reviews given to the company and a star rating from each individual customer. It also gives an average star rating at the top which works out the average star rating from all of the ratings given to this company.
While this is very useful, the best part of this update has to be the new prominent ‘write a review’ blue box in the top right hand corner. This prompts customers to write a review and build the online portfolio of a business. Yet another reason why business should sign up for Local Search and get themselves a Google+ business page.


New Google City Expert Program

This new program from Google is specifically designed to help experts who suggest the best places to eat, shop or play in their respective city. If you are such a business you can sign up for this program and in doing so get access to some very nice perks;

  • Access to exclusive events in your local area
  • Free custom swag
  • Special online recognition

Google City Expert Program

If you’re already using this tell us how you’re getting on, we’d love to hear all about it!


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