Blog Writing Tools; How to Optimise Your Content With Zemanta.

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Enrich your Blog with Zemanta

Unless you have the right tools and knowledge, writing an optimised blog article, product description or content is a hard task. However there are certain sites and tools which you can use to boost your chances of ranking well in a search engines results page.

Zemanta is a plug-in tool that looks over your shoulder while you blog and gives you tips and advice, suggests related content and pictures which makes sure your posts get promoted as they deserve to be.

The tool also suggests links and enables you to link your blog with other sites such as Wikipedia, increasing your Page Rank and your chances of being listed in Google’s search results.

Zemanta offers a free service which allows a user to create content and optimise it, making your content more likely to rank well. The software also allows users to download ‘bloggers assistant’, an ‘add-on’ for your internet browser. The idea is that you can use whichever blogging platform you like (be it WordPress, Blogger or Squidoo for example) and the add-on will appear next to your editor,  you can then input links into your own copy from there.

If you are a user, Zemanta will start recommending your posts to other users where appropriate. They won’t rank them any lower than other professional media articles, which means they will show up in sidebar recommendations.

So here’s how you use Zemanta: –

1. Firstly, you can try before you download! Click on the Try Demo icon in the orange box. This way you can actually test the product before you download it, see how it works for you and make sure you like what it does.

2. If you’re happy with what you see, go back to the homepage and select ‘Download Extension’. You can select exactly which browser, blogging platform or download a ‘free writer plug-in’.

3. Follow the installation instruction which will now appear. These instructions will differ depending on which browser you use.

4. Alternatively if you’re using the tool as a server-side plug-in then hit ‘Get Zemanta for…’ and the tool’s installation will transfer onto your hardware.

5. If you get stuck anywhere along the way – fear not – you can check out Zemanta’s FAQ and tutorials page here.

6. Or, if you’d rather watch a video explaining how it’s done, check out their Video below:

Zemanta in 60 Seconds from zemanta on Vimeo.

But remember that using a tool like this, will feed plenty of links into your content, but should be balanced out with optimised content and title tags.

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  • SEO keyword research – finding the best performing keywords, in terms of search volume and competition, that are relevant to your business
  • SEO audits & strategy – a thorough review of your current SEO and a detailed strategic plan of how to improve it
  • Competitors Audit – analysis of your competitors to identify further SEO action points in your market
  • Link building – we find the best quality inbound links to your site to improve your search engine rankings
  • SEO-enriched content creation – keyword-rich, unique content for your site that appears higher in the search engine results
  • SEO training courses – we can show you how to improve your SEO yourself

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