Hangout with President Obama on Google+

President Obama on Google+












President, Barak Obama, is inviting people to use ‘Hangouts’ on Google+ for a 45 minute chat on Monday (30th January).

The US President, who already uses Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, will be answering questions via the Google+ video feature – Hangouts.

Hangouts on Google+ allows you to video chat, chill out while on the web and watch YouTube videos together. You can invite anyone from your circles to join and they can also invite anyone from their circles to join too.

The search engines social network currently has 90m worldwide users and is estimated to have 400m users by the end of 2012.

Voters are being invited to post questions to The White House YouTube channel by 28th January. The top voted questions will be selected to join Obama’s live Hangout session on Monday.

Macon Phillips, The White House director of digital strategy, said, “For online engagement to be interesting, it has to be honest.

“We want to give Americans more control over this conversation and the chance to ask questions they care about.”

You can watch Obama’s live Hangout on The White House YouTube channel on Monday at 10.30pm.


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