Facebook Timeline Becomes Mandatory

Facebook is making the new timeline profiles mandatory and you will have a week to add or hide features and posts.

Last year, we saw the social network roll out the new profile interface but it wasn’t until this week’s blog post that they announced the timeline will become mandatory for all users.

When your profile has been updated to timeline, you will receive a notification and then you have 7 days to make any changes you want.

You can choose to publish your new timeline profile at any time in these 7 days or it will be automatically updated and made live at the end of your 7 day preview.

What is Facebook timeline?

If you’ve already updated your profile to timeline the first thing you’ll notice is the new photo banner. At the top of your profile you have a large header banner which is filled with a photo of your choice.

The main purpose of timeline is to allow you to tell your story.

Facebook is encouraging users to add life events and personal details which pre date Facebook. You can add things like births, deaths, homes, jobs and holidays.

You can add extra details to your timeline from your status box by clicking on ‘life events’.

You can choose to hide posts from your timeline or change the date or location of the post too.

There is a privacy dropdown menu which allows you to custom select those that can see posts. If you don’t want to delete a post but don’t want it visible to others there is an option to just make it visible to you.

One of the main new functions of timeline is the activity log which allows you to review your posts all the way back to when you joined Facebook.

The new interface may look scary but that’s only because its new but don’t panic there is an introduction guide to help you through the whole transition.


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