New Google Plus Changes – Google Announce Changes to Google Plus (+) to improve user benefit

As an early Christmas present to Google plus (+) users Google is making some minor changes to improve the experience of Google plus+ for both businesses and general users.  Whilst none of these new additions are ground breaking they seem like obvious improvements on the social platform still in its infant stage.

The big social improvement comes in the form of circles “volume” sliders.  As Google themselves say sometimes you want to see important posts from friends and family over those who post dozens of times a day.  The new addition of the “volume slider” means you can now turn down the frequency a particular circle will appear in your main stream, so for instance if I was following a number of brands that I liked, but became bored of the same post being repeated four or five times a day then I can simply turn the circle down.

The options that are included are:

  • Show everything from this stream in my main stream
  • Show most things from this stream in my main stream
  • Show fewer things from this in my main stream
  • Show nothing from this stream in my main stream

See the short video below to see how Google are integrating this small but useful change.

Google have also introduced a new snippets version of the notifications toolbar, allowing users to see part of the conversation before actually visiting the page as well as some tweaks to the photo Lightbox system.

Changes to Google plus (+) for business

Google are continuing their gift of slight improvements with some tweaks to Google+ Pages.  The recently introduced business pages have been lacking some obvious options to make the platform a viable tool for businesses and brands.

Google plus (+) Pages now allow up to 50 users to manage a business page instead of the previous allowed 1 per page.  This will make sense for large businesses and those with agencies dealing with a business’s social media, as all “managers” will be able to have administrative access to  pages.

With this introduction notifications for any page managed will appear in the managers notifications allowing a speedy response to questions asked and as Google themselves say “stay involved in the page conversations”.
+1’s and user interaction will now also be added together on a page.

Google finish their announcement of new changes with a cryptic hint of the future adding “We’ve been busy making some resolutions for 2012, and we think you’re going to love them.”   This is clearly hinting at some changes in the new year, however whether these are major changes to the Google plus (+) system or minor ones, only time will tell.

What do you suggest Google change about Google plus (+) let us know in the comments below.

By James Murphy


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