Top 10 fastest rising Google Searches of 2011 in the UK

Search engine giant Google has released its latest Zeitgeist lists for 2011 showing what's been hot and on the rise in search queries this year.

The Google Zeitgeist lists shows us the top 10 rising searches, most popular people, movie and sport searches plus the top 10 ‘how to' and travel destination search queries too.

The lists are built using data from lots of sources including insights for search and internal data tools. Google filters out the spam and repeat queries to build the list.

Here are the top 10 fastest rising searches for the 2011 in the UK:

1.    Royal Wedding

2.    iPhone5

3.    Fifa 12

4.    Groupon

5.    iPad2

6.    Ryan Dun

7.    Adele

8.    Minecraft

9.    Rebecca Black

10.    Ed Sheeran

This the 11th annual Zeitgeist created by Google. The search engine has also made an inspirational YouTube video of 2011 in review:

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