Google + Local Page Shake Up

If you don't keep up to date with what's happening on Google + you will not have noticed that it has been given an update and a fresh new look.

This week Google updated its Google + Local pages with an optional update for now, so you can choose whether you go with the new look or stay with the old one.

The Google + data will stay the same in the SERPs, but there has been a major shake up in the Google + pages themselves.

As part of Google's ongoing rollback of Google +, the search engine is limiting the value of the pages by removing useful data that it previously displayed such as phone numbers, reviews and photos. As you can see from the below images we've seen a big change.

Old View

Old Google +

New View

New Google +

What's been removed from Google + Local Pages?

  • Phone Number
  • Photos
  • Business Categories
  • Insights into page views
  • Opening Hours
  • Map
  • Ability to “Star” a location
  • Upload a Photo
  • Share location

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