Google Shopping Latest – Showcase Shopping Ads

It’s that time again Google has got itchy feet, cue there latest update… ‘Showcase shopping ads’.

So what do these ads entail and how might they affect your campaign?

Firstly it’s worth noting that this new ad format will only be triggered for broad, non-branded product searches such as ‘women’s shoes’ or ‘makeup brushes’. These searches previously may not have even triggered an ad to show based on Google’s algorithms, or if they did it would be a mixed array of products that could fall within the category; take ‘make up brushes’ as an example, this may have returned blusher brushes, foundation brushes or maybe even an eyebrow or lash brush.

Google has now announced a new resolve for these types of searches, and have labelled this new feature as ‘showcase shopping ads’. These ads will now appear with one main larger image and then two smaller images to the side that are related to the product search a user carries out (see the graphic below for how this will visualise). There will then be a space at the bottom of the ad for a promotional message or information relating to local inventory, such as distance to the store.

Showcase ads


When a user clicks on this ad unit they will be whisked off to a specially generated Google-hosted landing page that is populated with related products from that seller. One great thing about these ads is that as an advertiser you won’t be charged for this initial click in the search results, but rather only if the user clicks on one of the products on this landing page – at that point they will then be direct to your site.

showcase ads lp

This new format could be a game changer as an advertiser and it will be important to monitor results closely as Google begins rolling this out over the month – so keep an eye on those broad, generic terms. This approach to targeting these broad terms is likely to impact RLSA and e-commerce strategies, and will need to be filtered into the considerations and planning.

The update will be rolled out automatically and will immediately start impacting retailers in the US, UK and Australia as it is filtered out.

Still in its testing phase is a further more sophisticated update to these showcase ads which will allow advertisers to customise the way in which their products and brand is portrayed in the ads and Google generated landing page – this however will be rolled out from what it looks like at the minute as a premium feature and is likely to come at a cost.

If you are currently running shopping ads and would like some further insight into how this may impact you, or help with optimising your feed to cater to these searches get in touch with the Paid Search team on 0116 298 7496 or drop us an email on [email protected].



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