Facebook Pages for Business; How to Get the Most Out of Your Facebook Page

Following on from our previous article on how to set-up and manage your Facebook Page, we now go into more detail on enhancing your businesses Facebook Page.

Now it’s more important than ever to have a Facebook account representing your business. There are over 800 million users worldwide, with the average user logging in at least once a day. Having a strong business presence on Facebook means you immediately widen your audience base into the millions, and here’s the best part; it’s free.

However if you’re not already social media savvy, creating one of these pages can be a daunting task. So, we’ve put together a guide on how to make the most of your brand’s Facebook page, focusing on three important methods.

Start the Conversation
One of the most important things to do, after setting up your business page – is to start a conversation. Interact with your audience. The whole point of the page is to get your brand ‘out there’ on the Facebook stage so the more you converse with your audience and interact, the more you’ll get out of the social platform.

Conversation doesn’t have to be ground breaking, Nobel prize winning stuff – asking how your fans are today, uploading details of a promotion, survey or competition is more likely to initiate user engagement.

  • Know your business

What is your unique voice? How can you bring your company story to life in an interesting way and in a way which your audience can connect to?

  • Know your customers

Who are they? What’s important to them and how do they connect to your brand? What will attract their interest?

  • Know your goals

What sort of relationship do you want with your consumers? As well as using Facebook as a marketing tool do you want to drive customers to your site? Or simply create awareness of your brand? By defining your goals not only will it help clarify your strategy but measuring success will also be easier.

Set aside five to ten minutes a day to monitor your page and upload content. This means that your page will stay fresh and interesting for your audience. Be relaxed and conversational – keep it human to maximise audience connection.

Make sure you encourage user participation, by fun and interesting content which is easy to interact with. If a fan posts something on your wall reply to is as fast and efficiently as possible! It’s a fantastic medium of free PR for your brand, so make the most of it.

Expand your fan Base
The wider the audience the further your content goes. Think of it as being a larger emailing list, the more contacts you have the more people are going to see your message. Facebook works in the same way – the more people ‘Like’ your page or become a fan, the wider spread your message will go.

Why not create a customised landing page, like theone below, for your Facebook? You could do this alone or work with a developer to create one. This will make your page stand out from competitors and will appear more professional.

Another great way of expanding your fan base is to co-promote. By partnering yourself with another local or affiliate brand you can latch on to their fan base, and they to yours. You can re-post any competitions or promotions they are running and they should do the same for you. This then pushes your brand and Facebook page out to the partnering brand’s audience.

Another great way of driving more fans to your social platforms, is by using social plug-ins on your main website. You can easily install a ‘Like’ box on any of your website pages so it makes following you on Facebook even easier – fans don’t even have to log on to the site to like your page. For more information about Facebook’s social plug ins, you can check out their page here.

Here’s one of Anicca’s from our homepage:

Users can also ‘Check-in’ to your business or office.  This will appear on their status and will tell all those who ‘Subscribe’ to them that they are connecting with you physically as well as digitally.

Analyse and Optimise with Facebook Insights
Facebook offer tools to analyse and revise your success on the social platform. The tool, named Facebook Insights, comes as a basic package free of charge with any non-personal page you create.

Insights allows you to gather key metrics for your page – providing data about who visits your page and what users actually do on it.  You can then funnel this information to your advantage and create ways to drive more fans to the page, and increase interactions. You can download a guide on how to use these features here.

It is one thing to create a Facebook page, but making the most of one and fully utilising it to reach all of its potential audience is another thing entirely. However if you ensure you make the most of these three methods then the success of your Facebook page should definitely improve.
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