Integrated approach to social media marketing – Presented at Franchise Show Olympia March 2015

Ann Stanley was invited to present a workshop at the National Franchise Exhibition at Olympia (March 14th 2015).

As many franchise businesses are small local businesses, the focus of the presentation was how to use social media as part of an integrated strategy to get more traffic to your site, to build a community and help your search engine optimisation (SEO).

The workshop includes:

  • Introduction 
    • Social statistics
  • Getting started
    • Understanding the resources needed to run social media campaigns – approach
    • Planning and set-up of accounts/profiles, tools etc.
    • What are you going to say – content creation, blogging, news etc.?
  • Platforms and techniques
    • Feedback & recommendations – social bookmarks, reviews, testimonials etc.
    • Instant networking – Twitter
    • Social networking sites – 
      • B2B – LinkedIn
      • B2C – Facebook
      • Google +
  • Making the job easier
    • Tools and automation 
    • Measuring and monitoring – site traffic, campaign performance, reputation management etc.
    • Integrated strategy – how to combine social marketing with other digital marketing activities 

You can download the presentation here or view it on Slideshare below.


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