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Growing up in the 90s & 00’s I was an art kid at heart and I developed a fascination with cutting out images from my Smash Hits Magazines to create collages. If only I had an app that would save my hands (and my parents’ carpets) from being covered in Pritt Stick. Fast forward to Shuffles by Pinterest, the app that I could have only dreamed of having as a millennial kid!

Recently created by Pinterest, Shuffles has been making waves thanks to Gen Z who have been leveraging the app to create video collages all over TikTok, recently ranking second in Apple’s App Store platform for its use on iOS devices.

What is Shuffles by Pinterest?

Shuffles by Pinterest is a great new app for creative collaging, where you can cut, copy, paste and animate your collages to create dynamic video content from your Pinterest Boards. Have you ever wished there was an app that would make it easy for you to curate a fashion look? Quickly put together pieces of furniture and colours until you get the right aesthetic for your bedroom? Look no further.

What is Shuffles by Pinterest

How does Shuffles benefit my business?

As well as its fantastic creative offering, the app that has gone viral on TikTok helps drive traffic back to Pinterest. All collages that are shared across TikTok are automatically linked back to Pinterest, so when a user clicks on an item they can view it directly on Pinterest and make a purchase (if applicable) or visit the retailer’s website. This is a great avenue for businesses, especially e-commerce, and can provide a dynamic way to reach your audience.

How do I get access to Shuffles?

Shuffles can only be accessed with a code given to you by a Shuffle User or Pinterest itself. The exclusivity of the app has driven popularity with audiences and whilst Pinterest has reassured audiences that the invite-only approach is because Shuffles is in its ‘soft launch stage’, we can’t help but feel the ‘invite-only’ approach of the app has been a clever marketing strategy.

But how do I get access? I hear you scream! Well, all is not lost, there are a number of ways you can get a code for this viral app:

Keep your friends close, but your creators closer

If you know or work with any digital marketing agencies, photographers or other Pinterest creators it’s highly likely that they already have access to the app or have contacts in Pinterest that can give you the codes.

Pay for them (Not recommended!)

The exclusivity of the app has meant that there are people selling their invite codes. We definitely would not recommend this approach, as it can lead to scams.

Enter a giveaway

Creators on social platforms are sharing invites through giveaways, so make sure to check up on your favourite Pinterest creators on TikTok and Instagram. Keep an eye out for the hashtag #shufflesbypinterest for new codes.

Shuffles train

Another fantastic way of finding codes is through Reddit threads, where users create Shuffle threads using a ‘pay it forward’ system, where you can find codes and then leave codes for others to use.

Patience is key!

As someone who manages paid and organic social media accounts, I know that it is impossible to wait, as trends come and go in a blink of an eye but given the popularity of the app, it won’t be long until Pinterest releases Shuffles to all users without the need for a code.

Shuffles is the creative planning app we’ve all been waiting for

Shuffles is an ideal platform for expressing your creative side. It provides a great way for anyone to showcase their skills, whether they’re a fashion styler, interior designer, or something in between. And it’s not just an app to produce and share designs; it’s also a great way to come together with like-minded individuals, and discuss all things design-related. For businesses, it can be a powerful tool in crafting the look of your company or campaign and accelerating sales of your next product line.

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