How to Maximise the Virality of Your TikTok Content

How to Maximise the Virality of Your TikTok Content - Feature Image Blog

When TikTok was having its incredible rise during the pandemic, it was relatively normal to see videos gaining massive traction of 30M+ views (hello the likes of MEGA influencers such as Bella Poarch). However, going ‘viral’ on TikTok is very different now than in 2021. 

Organic growth on TikTok is not going to last forever – so start making content NOW.  

TikTok has changed its algorithm to really focus on people’s interests – we’re going to share some tips with you on how to go viral with your TikTok strategy.

Should I have a niche on TikTok? 

Yes. TikTok’s new content strategy is to serve users content based on their interests. Whilst this algorithm change does restrict the potential virality of your content, it means that the users who watch your video have a higher level of interest and intent which is a lot more meaningful.  

Having a niche is also likely to help with your follower growth. If someone has seen a video which you have created based on your niche, they enjoy the video and then decide to see what other content you create – if they see multiple videos on this niche they are interested in – there is a good chance they will follow.  

How to find trending sounds on TikTok?

Trending sounds help TikTok understand how to identify trending posts and what’s trending within a niche. Once TikTok has understood that a user is engaging with a sound, it will serve a lot more content using the same sound. Using a trending sound is VITAL for gaining more video views.

Look to see what the most popular accounts in your niche have been doing in the last week. Have they had any viral videos? If so – use that sound. 

Search for your niche and filter to choose ‘most liked’ in the last 7 days. Have any of these videos had a lot of views? Use that sound.  

TikTok search filters

Scroll through a few videos and notice which sounds are coming up commonly – use this sound if it’s related to your niche.  

Sample videos on TikTok

Even if you have a video which would be better without a sound – make sure to use one but set it to zero so it’s still served to the users who might find your content interesting.  

Should I use hashtags on TikTok? 

Test this. Sometimes using hashtags can limit your reach however, when you do use them, you’re more likely to appear in search results and to people who have an interest/have engaged with that hashtag before. If you’re looking for broad video views with a potentially lower engagement rate – don’t use hashtags. If you’re looking for a potentially smaller audience but with a much better level of interest and engagement – do use hashtags.  

How long should my video be?  

To help with your video going viral, the shorter the better. For example, a video which is 10 seconds long is going to get more views than a video which is 1 minute long. If you’re doing a longer video – try to make it as engaging as possible, with different shots etc.  

Top tip: Most trending audios are 60 seconds or less so you might struggle to find good audio to use if your video is longer than that.  

How do I catch a viewer’s attention on TikTok? 

Use a ‘hook’ in the first few seconds of your TikTok video. A hook is a sentence inserted as text into your video to indicate that you will be sharing valuable information that the user should continue watching for. 

How to attract attention on TikTok 

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