Stars, Reviews & Seller Ratings: The What, Why & How

It’ easy to be confused about stars, reviews and seller ratings, but when they benefit your business it’s worth finding out what they are, why they are so important and how to use them. To answer your questions we’ve created a detailed presentation which outlines everything you need to know, plus we’ve even done an in-depth study which gives an insight into the best third party review service providers available.

If, after watching this presentation you still have questions please drop us a comment and we’ll try and answer it for you.

What are Stars, Reviews & Seller Ratings?

Stars: you can have product stars which indicate the quality of that product, as given by customers.
Reviews: online service or product reviews from customers. This can be related to your service or the products you have sold.
Seller Ratings: an overall rating which is generated from the quality of the reviews you have received.

Why Are They So Important?

They have lots of advantages, but the main reason why a business should consider getting stars, reviews and seller ratings is because it increases consumer trust (impartial reviews from customers which are good will naturally build consumer trust in the brand), which in turn will increase visits and therefore will increase conversion rates. It sounds simple but it’s very effective!

How Do You Get Reviews?

There are a few ways you can get reviews – you can contact your customers and ask them to leave you a positive review on your Google+ business page or you can contact a third party review service provider who will contact your customers on your behalf and post them on their website. It’s important to go for a ‘trusted’ third party review service provider or they will not show in Google. To find out which review service providers we think are the best, please take a look at our presentation.



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