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‘Using social media for business’ presentation by Anicca Digital at The Chartered Institute of Marketing

Written by Ann Stanley on 21st January 2011

Online Marketing Training

Ann Stanley, the MD of Anicca Digital, has been invited to speak at The Chartered Institute of Marketing. Ann will give a two hour interactive presentation entitled ‘Using social media for business’ to members of the prestigious Chartered Institute of Marketing’s regional branch in Nottingham on 31st January 2011.

The event, entitled ‘Using social media for business’ will discuss the ways in which companies can incorporate social online marketing into their web marketing strategies. As an expert in online marketing, with over ten years in this constantly changing field, Ann is one of the UK’s leading online marketers. She teaches a range of courses and workshops on online marketing strategies and techniques, and is fully Google AdWords qualified.

The event will address a range of issues surrounding the use of social media for online marketing:

•    Should you be blogging or on Facebook and Twitter?
•    Should social media be used in a business to business capacity?
•    Are you better focussing on pay per click and search engine optimisation?

Every business is different and has different marketing requirements, and Ann will provide advice and answers to specific questions from members on their own companies’ marketing strategies.

Anicca Digital provides a full range of online marketing services and our team of experienced staff can provide expert advice for developing your social media strategy. To find out more about online marketing, you can download the Anicca Digital Guide to Online Marketing.

If you would like help with your social media strategy then contact the online marketing team on 01162 628359 or email [email protected]