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Chapelle SEO & PPC Case Study

Chapelle are a “clicks and mortar” business selling designer watches and jewellery at a discount through a network of 23 shops in discount outlets and through their ecommerce website.

They engaged Anicca Digital in July 2015 for a 18 months contract to help develop their digital marketing and to grow their online sales.


  • To increase traffic and revenue from organic visits by at least 50% per month – by increasing ranking of non-branded phrases (and store locations)
  • To liaise with the web development team to fix a wide range of technical issues that were effecting the performance of the site (both from a usability and SEO perspective)
  • To invest heavily in PPC by creating additional shopping ads for additional product ranges and use of remarketing
  • To increase the performance of the mobile site in order to increase both the traffic and revenue from mobile
  • Creation of a KPI dashboard for measuring monthly performance
  • ROAS target and budgets
    • To double the revenue from AdWords campaigns whilst increasing the ROAS
    • After initial setup (27 days over 3 months), the ongoing management is 4.5 days per month spread equally between SEO and PPC – equivalent to £2,025 per month.
    • The monthly PPC budget is just under £4k per month, however over the Christmas period the budget was increased to £7k

Our solution

Anicca implemented an extensive SEO strategy including fixing issues with the technical aspects of the site, on-page issues as well as off-page issues. This included complete technical audits to highlight areas of the website that were causing problems, keyphrase research and analysis to identify areas of the website we could gain 'quick wins'. This included using tools such as SEO monitor to identify low difficulty keyphrases where Chapelle were almost on page one of the search results, as well as those phrases which they were already on page one for, but towards the bottom of the page.

To improve the authority of the website Anicca used traditional and online PR techniques which included strategic product placements to gain further exposure as well as high authority and relevant backlinks.

From a PPC perspective, we made use of feed management software to set up new shopping campaigns in AdWords. We also created a KPI dashboard using Google Sheets and Supermetrics which enabled us and the client to easily track our progression towards the targets.


  • There was a total uplift in sessions of +37% and +38% increase in revenue, since we started working on the account (data for July 2015 to August 2016 as compared to previous year):
    • Total organic uplift of +9% sessions with +17% increase in revenue
    • Total paid uplift of +325% sessions with +187% increase in revenue
    • All other channels had more sessions than the previous year - except Referral,
    • All other channels had more revenue than the previous year -  except slight drops in Direct and Other (which was mainly email)
  • Traffic from mobile increased by +75% (representing 52% of all sessions) and revenue increased by +171%. This was also helped by a 50% increase in ecommerce conversion rate
  • SEOMonitor data from August 2016 vs. 2015 shows an increase of non-brand organic traffic from  5,600 visits per month to 12,600 visits per month. With an increase in Visibility Score from 1.2% to 4.7%
  • ROAS of the AdWords campaign for the whole period averaged 5.7 versus 4.0 from the previous year

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