PPC Services for Agencies

PPC Services for Other Agencies

If you are a web, graphics, media or marketing agency and want to offer new or additional digital services to your clients, then we can help you develop your own in-house digital team or partner with you to provide pay-per-click (PPC) advertising management or SEO services. As a dedicated search agency, we can provide effective solutions for all your clients.

Why use Anicca Digital for Pay-Per-Click advertising?

  • Accreditation – we are one of the largest Google Premer AdWords Partners and PPC agencies in the Midlands. Our staff are also Bing Ads, Google Analytics and Facebook Blueprint accredited. This means you can be sure of our expertise and experience in pay-per-click advertising.
  • Management of our own accounts – we currently run over 40 pay-per-click advertising accounts – a few of which are for other agencies.
  • We have fixed fees and a number of success stories in pay-per-click advertising where we have significantly reduced the cost per click or cost per conversions. For examples, see our case studies of successful pay-per-click advertising projects.
  • Training – we provide pay-per-click advertising training to businesses via Business Link workshops, direct to clients and other agencies
  • We have developed our own comprehensive online reports (using Google Data Studio), which ensures complete transparency for you and your clients.

A PPC agency that can help develop your own in-house team for Pay-Per-Click advertising

With UK online advertising ever increasing – its market share is now second only to television advertising – you may already be concerned about losing business as your clients switch their marketing budgets from offline to online marketing.  With more and more people going online every year, PPC agencies and pay-per-click advertising is set to become more and more important.

For many agencies, offering pay-per-click advertising services is an obvious progression.  However, this is not as simple as just employing staff with experience in pay-per-click advertising. By working with Anicca Digital you can:

  • Avoid the usual barriers when setting up a PPC agency
  • Gain advice on how to run a successful Pay-Per-Click company
  • Have instant access to talented and experienced PPC agency staff
  • Receive expert Pay-Per-Click advertising training

A PPC agency that makes it simple

To help you turn pay-per-click advertising into an exciting opportunity rather than a hurdle, we have developed a full pay-per-click advertising package for agencies. This allows us to support your PPC clients whilst you grow your business and develop your agency as a pay-per-click company.

You can pick and mix from a range of our PPC consultancy, outsourcing and training services, including:

  • Advice on different PPC agency business models, strategies and packages
  • Help with promotional materials
  • Initial pay-per-click advertising training of your sales staff and account managers
  • Help with recruiting your in-house pay-per-click advertising staff
  • Ongoing training of your team to ensure your effectiveness as a pay-per-click company
  • Access to our online reporting so that you are always in complete control of your pay-per-click advertising
  • You can even outsource your first few pay-per-click advertising contracts to our PPC agency, with fixed rates which will ensure that you make a profit on each contract

Outsourcing pay-per-click advertising services to Anicca digital

If you want to sell pay-per-click advertising services but do not want to bring the resources in-house then we can become an extension of your team and provide all the technical support you require.

Our partnership programme for pay-per-click management services includes:

  • Development of marketing and business development materials for you to use to sell your pay-per-click advertising to clients
  • Training of your account managers so they can sell these services and support client enquiries
  • Provision of all pay-per-click advertising services, including:
  • Keyword research, traffic and budget estimates and proposals
  • Account set-up across all search engines and social sites (as required)
  • Conversion tracking and set-up of Analytics
  • Optimisation of pay-per-click advertising accounts in order to improve quality scores and cost per click
  • Optimisation of pay-per-click advertising account in order to improve conversion rate and reduce cost per conversion
  • Provision of online reporting for use by your staff or directly by the client
  • Creation of monthly reports – annotated with your branding

We charge set-up fees (according to the size of the account) and fixed monthly management rates banded according to ad spend.  These charges are discounted compared to our normal PPC agency fees and will allow you to make around 20% profit on your pay-per-click advertising projects.









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