Anicca Launches 3 New PPC Tools – Try today for free!

Anicca has developed three new PPC tools which we hope all digital marketers will find extremely useful. The three tools include; a UTM link builder tool, an XML Feed Converter and a broad match keyword converter tool. All of these are fully functional and are available for free on our website under the tools section.

1.Build Campaign Links using our UTM Builder tool!

Our UTM Builder tool allows you to easily append utm campaign parameters to links from custom campaigns, so that you can track clicks from custom campaigns within Google Analytics.  This is especially important for campaigns not using the AdWords auto-tagging feature, such as links from email campaigns, social media ad campaigns, pdf documents etc. By adding utm tracking to your links it allows Google Analytics to identify and track the users that click on links from your campaigns and visit your website. This allows you to accurately see which campaigns are most effective in driving visits, sales or leads. Pretty useful eh?

2.Convert your Google Shopping XML Feed in to an easily readable CSV file!

Our XML Feed Converter is a very nifty tool to help you with your Google Shopping Feed. The XML Feed Converter allows you to enter the url of your Google XML Shopping feed and convert it into a CSV document that’s easily readable. The tool works by splitting out your feed into organised columns to show all the products and attributes contained within your feed. This is a quick and easy way to view your feed data, and drill into specific areas that you want to focus on.

3.Convert your keywords to Broad Match (with Modifier)

The BMM Converter is another super handy tool we have created for helping convert keyword lists for AdWords to the modified broad match type. It simply appends a plus + symbol onto any keyphrase entered. A simple concept that works perfectly if you want to save time without risking any human errors, a no-brainer.


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