New Features Only Available In The New AdWords Interface

The new AdWords interface is now available for all users, if you want an advantage over your competitors, then we have the perfect guide to all the latest features. These are only available to those that have switched to the new interface.

1. Promotion Extensions

A promotion extension is a great tool for highlighting your promotional offers without having to use text in your ad copy. It also adds the extension below your ad to give you more real estate on the page.

The promotions will be ideal for occasions such as Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, Easter and Mother’s Day. You can also pick your dates and use the extension any time your business is offering a promotion outside of the retail marketing calendar.

The other benefit of this extension is that you can create your promotions in advance and set the date. You could even set them up for the whole year!

2. Household Income/Parental Status Targeting

This is a great tool for businesses such as baby-related products, selecting people who are parents, or for luxury holiday companies looking to target people with a high household income. It would also be good for high-end estate agents that only sell houses over the £1m mark for example.

Parental Status was previously available for display but is now also featured for search. This could be really effective for baby product retailers or companies trying to sell family holidays. It could also work for “back to school” campaigns and family ticket sales.

We are still finding that a lot of traffic coming through is unknown throughout our accounts but this may change as this feature matures.

3. Call Bid Adjustments

Google has added a bid adjustment to allow you to increase the number of times call information is shown in ads. For example, if you are an electrical appliance company, you may see a higher order value from a call, as there may be plenty of opportunities to cross-sell features such as an extended warranty, fitting or removal of your old appliance which you may not be able to sell so easily through the website. Increasing your call bid adjustments can help to increase the number of calls to your business. Like other bid adjustments, you can increase your bid by up to 900%. Don’t forget that it doesn’t mean you will pay 900% more. You will only pay 1p over the highest bid.

4. Landing Page performance

This new feature shows all the landing pages in one place and the stats on each, including the mobile-friendly click rate. It is very easy to order your landing pages by the number of conversions to see which campaign and ad group the landing page is featured. It could help to improve conversions by showing which pages are working best for your campaigns.

5. Keyboard Shortcuts

Google has provided users with keyboard shortcuts to allow you to navigate around the interface a lot quicker. These will become useful as you get used to using them, especially if you can memorise them all. To access the full list pres ? on your keyboard when you are in the interface.

6. Google Attribution

Google attribution allows you to be able to set the attribution of your conversions. Previously, the conversion on an account has usually been attributed to the first or last click (where the first or last touch point was made before a conversion). With the massive increase in mobile usage and users making multiple touch points before converting, the first click or last click models aren’t as good as they used to be.

There is now the opportunity to be able to set attribution as data-driven which means that based on conversion history and conversion paths, the attribution will be given to the most relevant source.

Following the introduction of GDPR in May, we are unsure how some of these features will be affected so it will be a good idea to add them to your account sooner rather than later to take full advantage.

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