Anicca launches a new PPC management service for small businesses called “Pay Per Click – Petite”, featuring guaranteed clicks for an all-inclusive monthly fee!

Anicca Digital has just launched a new PPC management service aimed at small businesses that need more traffic and sales, but have a limited budget of £250 – £750 per month.

“Pay Per Click – Petite” is an all-inclusive PPC package, which is scaled down to match the needs of smaller or local companies; to ensure that it is effective but affordable.  It is perfect for first time advertisers, or tradesman and professional companies serving a local area.

Although the size of your PPC account will be smaller than our fully managed PPC management service, it is still managed by the same experienced team and has many of the features and benefits of our full professional PPC management service.

Other companies, such as Yell.com and BT,  offer all inclusive PPC services, but these are often  limited to specific types of businesses or less than 20 keyphrases. We have carried out a separate review of low cost PPC packages in order to compare what PPC services are available for less than £1000 per month.

Pay Per Click – Petite is different – you get a full PPC account set-up with up to 100 keyphrases per campaign and what’s more your account is managed by the same accredited team that are responsible for accounts with ad spend in excess of £30,000 per month!

Benefits of using Pay Per Click – Petite?

  • Get relevant traffic to your site immediately
  • Low set-up and monthly cost with guaranteed results
  • Minimum admin and hassle
  • Professional management and optimisation
  • Options and extras

How does Pay Per Click – Petite work?

You will be allocated an account manager who will work with you during the set-up of your account and then be responsible for managing your account on an ongoing basis.  They will also be on call to answer any of your questions, through our PPC-Petite Hotline.

Initially you will be asked to complete a form, which asks a number of questions about how you want to set up your account; where you want your ads to be seen, and the types of keyphrases you want to be found for etc.

We will then set-up and manage your account as explained below:

  • Choice of 3 monthly budgets
    • You can choose from 3 packages based on a monthly budget of £250, £500 and £750 (+ VAT).
    • You then pay us 2 x your monthly budget, to cover the cost of the set-up and the first month. You can either pay us by credit card, BACS or a cheque, which has to have cleared before the work is started.
    • We then set-up a monthly standing order or reoccurring payments via standing order or your credit card (PayPal)
    • The 3 packages all include the same features, but you get different levels of traffic depending on which one you choose.
    • You can also select additional options and services


  • Google AdWords set-up
    • We set-up your Google AdWords account using our username and passwords.
    • At the end of your contract (minimum of 3 months) we retain ownership of the account. If you would like to access your account and/or retain ownership of your account you can use our fully managed service.
    • You choose 2 service or product categories – these are used to create your campaigns
    • You then choose 10 keyphrases that you would like to target, we use these to create your ad groups and then we expand the keyphrases to produce a total of around 10 groups of 10 (up to 100 per campaign).
    • We then clone the keyphrases so we have all the different “keyword match types” – [exact], “phrase” and broad. We also add negatives based on the things you don’t want to be found for


  • Campaign settings and Geo-targeting
    • If you want to target specific locations we will create campaigns which are only seen in your chosen towns, we will also create additional keyphrases which include the name of the town.
    • So if you are a hair salon and want to be found for “hair dresser”, we will show your ad when people type in “hair dresser” when they are located in Leicester. We will also show your ad if they type in either “Leicester hair dresser” or “hair dresser Leicester”
    • You can select for your ads to be displayed on specific days and times (scheduling), for example if you offer a service just to businesses, you may not want your ad displayed at the weekend when there is nobody available to answer the phones


  • Google Analytics set-up
    • We will also set-up your Google Analytics account and link it to the AdWords account
    • You will need to get your web developer to add the code we supply to every page on your website
    • You will have access to your Analytics account and retain ownership at the end of your contract


  • Monthly reporting
    • We will provide automated reports by email every month. These will show the overall traffic to your site and the traffic from your PPC campaign.
    • You will not receive any details of the specific clicks or costs for each campaign or keyphrase. However you will be able to see the total number of visits you received from your PPC campaign.
    • If you do not receive the minimum level of visits for your specific package then we can either change your package or provide additional visits the following month.
    • If you want to track conversions on your site, you can choose for us to set-up Goals in Analytics. If you have opted for Goal tracking you will also receive a report showing any conversions from your site.


  • Monthly management and optimisation
    • Optimising for positions
    • We will adjust your bids to achieve a top 10 position for at least 80% of your keyphrases.
    • Ideally we want to be in position 4-8 as this will ensure that you will get the promised amount of traffic for your budget and avoid getting into a bidding war with competitors in the top 3 positions.
    • Some keyphrases may be too expensive and we will either let the positions drop, pause the keyphrase or adjust your guaranteed clicks per month to reflect this.
    • Optimising for Click through rate and quality score
    • We will add negatives to your account, pause generic keyphrases and less effective ads in order to increase the relevancy of your keyphrase and ad combination.
    • This will increase your click through rate and quality scores which can lead to better positions and a lower cost per click across the whole account
    • Optimising for conversions
    • If you have opted to set-up Goals in Analytics we can use this data to optimise your account for conversions
    • We increase conversion rate across your account by pausing less effective keyphrases and ads, and by driving more traffic to the keyphrases that do convert well
    • If you choose this option we recommend that you run your account for  a minimum of 6 months as it can take this long to achieve the best conversion rates


Overview of Pay Per Click – Petite packages (as compared to our “Starter” fully managed package)


Type of service
PPC-Petite – all inclusive Fully managed
Package PPC-250 PPC-500 PPC-750 Starter
Monthly budget £250 £500 £750 £750+
Set-up fee £250 £500 £750 £750
(included in the monthly management fee)
Ad Spend £250 inclusive of clicks and management £500 inclusive of clicks and management £750 inclusive of clicks and management £500-£5000
Ad Spend only
Guaranteed clicks per month *See table below as this will vary depending on the sector 225* 450* 675* No guarantees as the cost per click can vary from 10p-£5+ depending on the sector
Payments of Ad spend to PPC platform eg Google Anicca You
Management fee Included in monthly fee (above) £400
(including set-up)
Payment of management fee Set-up and first month in advance followed by standing order or re-occurring credit card payments Monthly invoice
Size of the account 2 campaigns (can pay for additional campaigns),
each with up to 10 ad group,
each with 100 unique keyphrase
Up to 10 campaigns
100-500 ad groups
1000+ keyphrases
Minimum contract 3 months 6 months
Ownership of PPC account Anicca Transferred to you at end of contract
Reporting Monthly automated analytics Access to online PPC reports and Analytics and PPC click and cost reports
Conversion tracking and optimisation Optional set-up of Analytics goals and optimisation of goals data Conversion tracking and optimisation
Any restrictions Not suitable for very competitive sectors where the average cost per click is above £1 or complex businesses eg ecommerce sites with multiple products English language campaigns only

Expected clicks for different types of business

Monthly budgets
£250 £500 £750
Guaranteed minimum number of clicks per month 225 450 675
Typical industries and sectors Expected number of clicks per month
Value: Ecommerce website or low value products 650-750 1300-1500 1950-2250
Standard: Most consumers, property, holidays 450-550 900-1100 1350-1650
Premium: Business to business, higher value goods 225-275 450-550 675-825

For more information about our pay per click packages or for a free pay per click audit you can call the Pay Per Click team on 0116 2987496 or contact us or via our online contact form below.


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