Sofa.com – an SEO case study using SEO Monitor to reveal “not-provided” keyphrases

Ann Stanley and the team from SEO Monitor joined forces at SES London this week (10th February 2015) to present an SEO case study on how Anicca used the amazing SEO Monitor tool to help them set-up and track the SEO project for Sofa.com.

You can read more about how we took sofa.com to number 1 in Google.co.uk for the trophy term “sofa” after only 3 months!

Background to sofa.com and the project

Sofa.com have two main furniture showrooms in  London and Bath,  but most of their sales are via their lovely website www.sofa.com. Buyers come online  and choose from a range of styles of sofas, which are then manufactured to order using their chosen fabric. In addition to sofas, they also offer a range of beds, chairs and accessories. Although there are a handful of other sofa companies offering “made to order” service, in the search engines sofa.com’s main competition is the big TV advertisers such as DFS and Furniture Village.

With such high levels of competition, we needed to use a data-driven approach to SEO – so  we used SEO Monitor to give us insight into not-provided organic traffic and other keyphrase opportunities.

You can view the sofa.com case study below on download the pdf from here:

Key take-aways from the presentation

Here are the key take-aways:

  • You don't need to be a big budget TV advertiser to have a similar site authority to your competitors
  • There are now tools such as SEO Monitor that provide “not provided” keyword data
  • Having all the essential data in one dashboard (such as keyphrase positions, search volumes, Difficulty Score and Opportunities); makes the initial process of determining keyword targets and topic groups much faster than traditional SEO techniques
  • Performance tracking and reporting is easy with SEO Monitor's Visibility Score and positions (for your own site and your competitors)
  • SEO Monitor enables easy identification of keyphrase canibalisation where two or more pages on your site are competing to be the ranking page for a particular focus keyphrase. This internal competition among pages can have a significant negative impact on your rankings

Do you need help with your SEO?

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