Sky AdSmart: Targeted TV Advertising for All Sizes of Company

Gareth Bakewell of Sky discusses how businesses of all sizes can utilise Sky AdSmart for affordable, targeted TV advertising.

Sky AdSmart targets households rather than TV channels, enabling SMEs to compete with big brands.

It is TV advertising that can be as targeted as paid search with minimum costs – it starts from only £3,000.

When it comes to trust, audiences trust TV advertising far more than other types of advertising, such as newspapers, magazines or social media.

Traditionally TV advertising has been very expensive and a marketing activity that only big brands can undertake.


How Sky AdSmart Works

All AdSmart ads are viewed by humans – the technology determines the right time and the right audience to deliver the content to.

Protects brand reputation – it takes years to build a reputation, but it only takes one misplaced ad to destroy it.

Recently brands have seen their videos matched with inappropriate content. For example, Head & Shoulders ads being shown in a beheading video, Starburst advertising in a drill video.

It also ensures ads are shown to the audience – 75% of an ad must be viewed at normal speed for it to count as an impression.

Sky recognises that customers don’t have big budgets, so they need to guarantee that their advert has been seen by the audience.

Impressions are filtered to the right people and market place, whichever channel is being viewed that is where the ad will play. Whether you are watching Chernobyl or premier league football.

Targeted TV advertising

How Audiences Watch TV

BARB data shows that the majority of individuals still watch live TV – half of the UK population.

This can be explained by viewers wanting to watch sports live and big dramas where people want to ensure they are keeping up with watercooler moments.

On average, UK viewers now watch four hours and 41 minutes of video content every day, with TV accounting for 69% of our video viewing.

Viewers average viewing of video advertising is only 20 minutes, but we’re more likely to watch TV adverts as we are used to them and have grown up watching them.


Affordable TV Advertising For All Companies

Sky AdSmart offers large audiences, quality content and established measurement. It is highly targeted and provides customer response tracking.

TV advertising used to be expensive, for example you would need a £100k minimum spend to advertising during Game of Thrones.

Three in four of all Sky AdSmart customers have never done TV before, as they thought it was too expensive.

However, cost per impression is around 5p per view; with a minimum of 60,000 views and 5,000 households, users can utilise the technology from only £3,000. SMEs can now compete with big brands on TV.

The Sky box is intelligent enough to know you are watching it, but it doesn’t know which channel is being watched, so ads can be delivered during big TV programmes.

It means you don’t have to pay a premium for different channels, because the technology is looking for people, not what they are watching.

The result is that customer trust is increased because audiences see brands on TV as well-established and trusted.

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Effective Targeting

You choose the postcode area you want to target, e.g. target LE postcodes, then move to NG.

Back up your TV advertising with social media activity – like and share if you have seen our TV ad.

Offers the ability to scale – show as much or as little as you like to different audiences.

Quality content – Sky spends more on its content than BBC and ITV combined.

AdSmart partners with 900 companies to feed data into the system, which provides improved targeting. Examples include Experian mosaic data and Tesco Club Card points – tracks what you have previously purchased, so it can target ads.

Targeting gives each household different ads, dependent on income.

The technology now covers 40% of UK population, soon to increase to three out of four households.

Select your audience, have greater control over the frequency of ads and show ads to your core audience more often.


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