Social Media (organic and paid)

Getting started with LinkedIn advertising: A step-by-step guide (30th October)

Bakti Jethwa presented a beginner’s guide on how to set up an advertising campaign on LinkedIn to achieve various campaign objectives such as brand awareness, driving website traffic and lead generation. The webinar covers the following topics; Why LinkedIn advertising? A step-by-step walkthrough to setting up your first campaign, and

11 tips for using Instagram for business (23rd October)

In this webinar, Elona Jetullahu, presents 11 top tips for using Instagram for Business. Whether you are new to Instagram or you have been working on your Instagram business page for ages, then this webinar will give you insights on how you can master your Instagram business page and every

Top tips for using LinkedIn to promote your business (17th July)

In this week’s webinar, Ann Stanley presented four important aspects of using LinkedIn to promote your business, develop new relationships and generate leads. The webinar will contain a lot of tips that you can implement straight away. The four elements are: Profiles Posts Popularity (aka Connections) Promotions More details Profiles:

Perfect your personal profile; LinkedIn tips to do in your pyjamas (10th July)

Caroline Spence provided a practical session on how to improve and use your LinkedIn personal profile. This webinar is perfect for people in work or those who find themselves seeking opportunities, this webinar covers the basic and more advanced techniques to make your profile stand out and more searchable for

Getting your business up and running on Instagram (12th June)

In this webinar, Chris Dowse provided a practical introduction to getting your business up and running on Instagram. As more businesses turn to grow their customer base online, social media is becoming a more and more important tool for awareness, education, engagement and conversion. In this webinar we’re covering the


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