Top tips for marketing small and local businesses within Google – presented by Ann Stanley at the Business Show Olympia

Ann Stanley presented her top tips for marketing in Google for small and local businesses at The Business Show in Olympia. With all the recent changes in Google + and the local results, Ann is predicting that the local listings or map results will become ads by the end of next year! The presentation included:…
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Google + Local Page Shake Up

New Google +

If you don’t keep up to date with what’s happening on Google + you will not have noticed that it has been given an update and a fresh new look. This week Google updated its Google + Local pages with an optional update for now, so you can choose whether you go with the new…
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Cannibal content – Is your website eating itself?

You may or may not have heard the term ‘Cannibal Content’ or ‘Cannibalisation’ before. ‘Cannibal Content’ refers to when your website is essentially fighting itself with pages optimising for the same phrases, whether deliberately or by accident. This confuses Google and may be the reason for your poor rankings. We’ve outlined a brief guide on…
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Tips And Tools For Keeping Up With Google Penalties

In today’s online world Google is pretty much the epicentre of everything. With almost any question you ask in the real world you can count on the answer being ‘Google it’, meaning having your website visible in Google is more important than ever. That, though, is easier said than done. There are a number of major…
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SEO tips and tools for franchise and local businesses – Ann Stanley presents at The National Franchise Exhibition 2015

Ann Stanley delivers another stellar presentation at The National Franchise Exhibition to an audience of franchisees and entrepreneurs eager to learn about the latest developments in SEO. In the presentation, Ann imparts her experience and knowledge of using SEO to improve a business’ presence within local search engine results and provides tips on avoiding Google…
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Local SEO Services in Leicester

Leicester Local SEO

At Anicca Digital we are based in the heart of Leicester and provide search engine optimisation (SEO) to local companies within Leicester and the surrounding areas. We are an accredited Google Partner, who provide high quality digital services and customer service. You don’t need to take our word for it have a look through our…
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