5 Top Tips to Improve Your Ad Copy

The ad copy is your first point of contact with a prospective customer.  With only 95 characters to play with it's all the more crucial and challenging to write a relevant and compelling ad.  We’ve compiled 5 top tips to consider.

1) Jargon doesn’t always deter
Marketing communications should intend to build a rapport with the target audience, this shouldn’t be forgotten in the digital sphere.  Use language that is relevant to your target audience that they may relate to.  This will attract the attention of the audience you desire as well as theoretically decrease the number of irrelevant clicks.


2) Include the price
Where possible include the price of the product being sold. ‘50% off’ may well be enticing but if the prices on the landing page don't match the expectations of the customer built by the ad, or aren’t competitive enough these visitors are likely to bounce.  The CTR may well be high as a result, which in some instances can suggest a successful ad, but if the clicks aren't converting the cost of advertising will be increasing without reason nor result.  Manage browser expectations by being honest in your ads.


3) Use USP's
Research your competitor's ads for your chosen keywords, critique your ad against these by using the Ad Preview tool in the AdWords interface.  Take pride in your product and highlight your unique selling points over that of your competitors.  The use of USP's will entice browsers thus increase the chances of clicks and landing page visits.

4) Call to action
Keep the buying cycle in mind and use the most fitting adjective accordingly.  If you're selling a product the chances are you'd rather a visitor that has carried out their research and knows what they are looking for and is ready to make a purchase. Include words such as ‘purchase', ‘buy' and ‘download' in the copy.  Additionally give your ad a sense of immediacy by using words such as ‘today' and ‘now'.

5) Testing, testing 1,2…
On average you have 3 seconds to capture the attention of a prospective customer.  Remember the ad may perfectly illustrate your product but if your landing page isn’t relevant you're unlikely to make a sale.  Test alternate destination URL's, try and set them to be as deep linking as possible.  This will improve the customer experience and start the customer's journey on your site on a positive note.

Happy writing!

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