Great Offers On Core Web Vitals Audit & GA4 Setups

With business almost getting back to normal, now is a perfect time to get your business and website ready and on the front foot for 2021. 

  • Google Page Experience Update –  Get ready for this summer’s update from Google by speeding up your site and passing the Web Core Vitals test – to avoid a ranking penalty!
  • Upgrade to Google Analyitcs 4 – Start tracking your website using new Google Analytics 4 and take advantage of all amazing benefits, in anticipation of the eventual phase out of Univeral Analytics.

For a short-time only Anicca is offering special rates on Google Analytics 4 setup and SEO Auditing Services in the form of a ‘Core Web Vitals’ audit.


OFFER 1: SEO Core Web Vitals Mini Audit

Google have announced their upcoming Page Experience update, which focuses on the ‘Core Web Vitals’ search signals – is due to go live in June 2021.

Google is always improving how its users are able to engage with the websites it services in search results across all devices, particularly mobile devices. As a result, Google has come up with a list of ‘search signals’ that if you get right, will benefit your rankings. This is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to gain more users, engagement and conversions through working on these improvements. 

We can help your business prepare for the upcoming Google Core Web Vitals update and benefit with better keyword visibility, organic traffic and user engagement by initially identifying the issues to fix.  Our Core Vitals audit will provide you with an assessment of how your website is currently performing along with specific recommendations on what to improve and prioritise.

Core Web Vitals  audit for just £150+vat. 

OFFER 2: Google Analytics 4 Setup / Upgrade

Google Analytics 4 (formerly known as “App + Web) is the next generation of Google Analytics packed full of new benefits and features including powerful new reporting features, cross device tracking capabilities and new charts and visuals. One advantage of a Google Analytics 4 property is that you can use it for a website, an app, or both a website and app together. Many businesses are already making the switch to GA4 but many businesses aren’t and are unsure of how to implement properly. This is where we can help.

As Google Partner we specialise in Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 implementation and configuration, having worked on hundreds of setups over the years. Our process involves a full consultation with your team at all stages including pre-setup planning and post-setup handover. We help you to ask the right questions so that your web analytics provides the answers to business questions you have. Our aim is to ensure your team walks away with the knowledge and the confidence to use Google Analytics and understand the data it provides.

Special Price of £500+vat*

(*includes basic pixel & config setup with conversion. Must have Google Tag Manager to qualify for this price).


Get Offer 1 + Offer 2 for £550+vat (save £100)

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