The Beginner’s Guide to Setting up Facebook Business Manager

When we meet a lot of our clients and start talking Facebook advertising they haven’t yet heard of Facebook Business Manager. This handy guide explains a little about the tool and why your business may benefit from it. We have also included step by step instructions of how to create an account for your business. Let’s get started …

What is Facebook Business Manager?

Facebook Business Manager is a tool that has been designed to help businesses manage their Facebook pages and ad accounts.

You can have multiple ad accounts and users all under one Business Manager account.


Why Use Facebook Business Manager?

Are you running a Facebook page for your business? Are you managing access for several users? Are you trying to run multiple Facebook pages? Facebook Business Manager may be the answer!

Facebook Business Manager helps you address all these issues and provides even more tools for your business. You will be able to control who has access to your business page and exactly what they can see, assigning roles specific to what they do on the page without compromising on security.

You will also have access to a whole scope of tools that will allow you to analyse your page and available audience.

The best way to illustrate the extent of the tools available is to take a quick peek at the full menu:

The tools within Facebook Business Manager allow you to have full control of your activity including:

  • Create, launch and manage paid advertising campaigns
  • View, create or schedule organic posts for your business page
  • Create, upload or build new audiences
  • Manage audience data and offline events
  • View & analyse a wide range of data
  • Set up or edit your billing details
  • And so much more …


How to set up Facebook Business Manager

Let’s start by creating your Business Manager account:

1.  Go to https://business.facebook.com/

2. Click ‘CREATE ACCOUNT’ in the top right of the page

3. Proceed by entering your Facebook login details – these will need to be the Facebook account that you use to access your Business Page currently if you have one set up.

4. Using your current Facebook login details will provide access to Business Manager, however, you will now need to create an account for your Business. Click ‘CREATE ACCOUNT’ once again.

5. The following form will appear, enter the name of your business before clicking ‘Continue’

6. The next screen will ask for your name & email address – this will be the email address that Facebook uses to contact you about your business. We recommend making this your professional email address.

You now have a Business Manager account! The next step is to connect your business assets to your account.

7. You can connect your Business Page, Ad account & various People (users who will be looking after your account/page)

8. You can now add a page in three different ways:

  • Add a Page you own – if you are already an admin on a page you can easily add this page to your Business Manager
  • Add someone else’s Page – you can request access to someone else’s page if you are not already an admin but will be working on the page
  • Create a new Page – set up a brand new page if your business does not yet have one

Select the option that works for your business and follow the on-screen instructions

9. You can now add an advertising account in three different ways:

  • Add an ad account you own – if you have already set up an ad account you can move it to your business manager account
  • Add someone else’s ad account – you can request permission to add someone else’s ad account to your business manager so you can run ads on their behalf
  • Create a new ad account – you can set up a brand new ad account if your business does not yet have one

Select the option that works for your business and follow the on-screen instructions

10. You can now add the people that will be working on the account & assign the access level they require:

Voila! You will now have access to your business page and ad account from your Business Manager account. When logging in, you will be presented with a page similar to the one below depending on how many pages or ad accounts you have added to your account.

Are You Ready to Start Advertising?

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