Upcoming Events & Boot Camps @ Anicca

Written by Ann Stanley on 6th July 2014

At Anicca we have been supporting businesses across the UK by providing comprehensive boot camps which are designed to give businesses the in-house knowledge and skill to implement a number of highly skilled digital marketing activities. While you may have read our amazing reviews here you probably didn’t realise that we have since introduced a number of different boot camps which include Marketing Automation, Social and PR.

In addition to our standard boot camps in Leicester, we’re now hosting boot camps in London. To ensure you don’t miss out on one of your boot camps take a note and book one of our forthcoming boot camps today.

Lunch & launch of the Marketing Automation Club

  • Leicester: Tuesday 15th July
  • London: Tuesday 16th September

This is an open day designed to give you the opportunity to pop in and talk to us about our brand new marketing automation club. We’ll answer any questions you may have about marketing automation and we’ll also provide lunch.

For more details regarding our marketing automation club click here.

AdWords Boot Camp

  • Leicester: 21st July, 8th September, 6th October, 3rd November, 1st December
  • London: 13th October, 8th December

If you’re keen to develop the skill-set of your in-house marketing team or you want to expand into AdWords then this is the course you’re looking for. To learn more about the AdWords boot camp before booking your place click here.

NEW! Marketing Automation Software Boot Camp

  • Leicester – 4th August, 27th October, 24th November
  • London – 20th October, 15th December

Marketing Automation is a great opportunity for businesses who are serious about expanding their business and generating more leads and sales by nurturing prospects through their website. For more information on what marketing automation is, click here.

SEO & Content Marketing Boot Camp

  • Leicester – 11th August, 22nd September, 20th October, 17th November
  • London – 6th October, 1st December

If you want to raise the online profile of your business then SEO and Content Marketing is the way to achieve this. You can use our boot camp to train up a member of your team. Learn more about this boot camp here.

NEW! Social & PR Boot Camp

  • Leicester: 8th December
  • London: 27th October

Information regarding this boot camp is coming soon.

If you want to book one of our courses please visit the appropriate page listed below the course or alternatively phone us directly on 0116 298 7488.