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Google Analytics Data Insights

Data insights from Google Analytics can help you to make well informed business and marketing decisions. At Anicca we help you leverage data with Analytics management and support to give you the inside track on your users. 

In every business, data is constantly evolving. By tapping into ongoing Analytics support you can be sure you are tracking all variables and that your data is accurate. This will support the growth of your business. 

Our Analytics Management Services

Our Google Analytics management services support you in data interrogation and new implementations for your evolving data needs. 


We offer analytics management across the latest Analytics platforms (including Universal Analytics and GA4) to ensure you continue to uncover insights from your data. 

Our expert Analytics consultants help you to unlock the full value of your data through custom reporting and data analysis. We also offer Analytics support in a variety of ways including training, reporting, and segmentation. 


Drive your marketing activities forward and stay on top of your digital data management with custom integrations from Anicca today. 

Data Analysis & Reporting

Unlock the value of your data with data analysis from one of our experienced Google Analytics consultants. With our custom reports, you can identify valuable insights and actionable recommendations with guided Analytics management and support. 


Great user analysis requires effective data segmentation. We create custom segments so that you can delve deep into your data to better understand user behaviour and performance. This form of Analytics management is key to moving your business forward.

Analytics implementation and support

If your data requirements change, we will work with you to adjust the setup and implement new tracking and reporting to meet your new needs. 

Anomaly Detection

Our comprehensive reporting mechanisms allow us to detect any anomalies or data errors early for fast resolution and investigation. 

Our Google Analytics management packages are tailored to your business needs. We offer varying levels of Analytics support from monthly retainers to quarterly reviews and check-ins. 

We ensure your Analytics adapts as your business evolves so you continue to get the data you need to drive growth. Contact us today to find out more about our complete Analytics management and support service. 

Why Anicca?

Our experienced Analytics team use a suite of tools to help brands of all sizes on local, national and international levels extract and visualise the data they need to make better informed decisions. 


We have helped our clients with Universal Analytics, GA4 and 360 account implementations so we have a keen eye for when data is missing. 

Our Google Analytics management continues to have an impact on our clients’ business reporting and decision making and we can do the same for you. 


So, if you aren’t sure if your Analytics setup is correct, or you aren’t getting the data that you need, reach out and speak with our consultants today. 

Our Client Case Studies

"Super helpful webinars - especially the ones regarding Google Analytics and Google Data Studio. The team really know their stuff : )" Matt H.

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