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Visualise your web analytics data using Google Data Studio reports & dashboards for quick insight

Visualise Your Website Analytics Data

Get the data you need at your fingertips with tailored dashboards and reporting solutions to suit your business needs. Our dashboards are interactive, sharable and data secure, so that you have the ability to share with other stakeholders in a wide array of flexible formats that can easily be downloaded and viewed across devices. Take away hours of manual reporting and get a professional setup dashboard reporting suite.


Reporting for…

  • showing the value of marketing spend
  • understanding which channels are really driving conversions
  • consolidating different data sources into one central location
  • understanding website performance.

Performance Dashboards Using Google Data Studio

Data is at its best when its easily accessible and insightful, that’s why we believe in making data simpler by getting you the answers you need in the way you need to see it.  Our dashboards can be automated to get you the data at the times you need it, often saving hours of time each month for you and your teams. We can also provide insight and analysis along side the report if required. 

Multi-Channel Campaign Reporting

Take the pain away from monthly reporting of individual channels and consolidate your channel reporting into a single point of access. Our dashboards connect to the platforms directly providing upto the minute reporting.

Social Media Dashboards

Bring together your paid and non paid social media into a tailored report based on the metrics you need. Get top level oversight of ad spend, revenue, likes & follows, tweets and retweets, top creative and posts. Talk to us today about your social media reporting needs.

Website Performance Reporting

Breakout of restrictive and cumbersome analytics reporting and get an hollistic overview of your website performance through one of our multi-page dashboards that includes; visitor trends, top traffic sources, leads & revenue reporting, top content and categories. We surface the best metrics from your analytics platform.

Content Reporting

Understand the value of your website content and the role it plays in generating sales and leads for your business. From which pages get read (not just viewed), to which videos get watched and which files get downloaded. We offer custom reporting to give you enhanced visibility of your content performance and content marketing efforts.

SEO Reporting

Report on SEO keyword visibility, domain authority, rank and traffic. Get a 360 handle on your SEO performance and value of each piece of content on your website. Our dashboards are perfect for SEO due to the need to pull data in from a wide range of seo tools. Let us simplify your seo reporting.

Technical Insights

We can provide detailed technical reports on things such as site speed, browser and device performance, error reporting and many other types of detailed report. This can help highlight any usability and technical issues that might be affecting conversion rates on your site. 

Why Anicca?

Our experienced in house experts have over 10 years experience in working with Google Analytics, having completed hundreds of setups for businesses of all types and sizes. 


We pride ourselves on our technical knowledge and our open and honest approach to dealing with clients.

Anicca is a small independent agency with a fantastic team of highly skilled digital experts specialising in digital advertising, SEO & Content, PR and Analytics. 


We take an integrated approach to marketing and to solving business challenges, ensuring you get maximum value when partnering with us.

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"Super helpful webinars - especially the ones regarding Google Analytics and Google Data Studio. The team really know their stuff : )" Matt H.

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