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Anicca AdWords Bootcamp: Day Five

Written by Ann Stanley on 12th February 2013

Scott’s Blog- Day Five

ad-copy-tips-adwordsIf Friday could be described in one phrase, “roller coaster” would be quite suitable.With Thursday’s bomb shell (fundraising presentation task announcement) still fresh in our minds, candidates got cracking on with the seemingly challenging project that will really tell the difference between the “boys and the men”. What about the two girls? Asked a candidate. “They’ll be fine” said Ann in a comical tone.

In the morning, Sam and I got the chance to join the PPC team and get more insight into what the team does on a normal days work whilst the rest of the group stayed in our class room.

As the day went on, we all got to rotate between us to go sit in the PPC room and get a feel of the working atmosphere within the room. It was kind of like gathering a small taste of what actually working for Anicca in the PPC team would feel like!

After lunch, one by one we all went to go speak to Ann about any questions we have about the task.

Whether it be a question related to content, or opinions on how we’re each approaching the task, Ann has been most informative and really wants to see each of us succeed in doing this presentation. Her knowledge is very valuable to everyone’s success on the course.

After everyone had gathered all the information they could possibly get, it was time for us to start leaving for the weekend. A perfect time to reflect on what ideas we came across and plan ahead for the presentation and to revise for our Fundamentals exam.

Bring on Week 2!