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Anicca host Digital Marketing Day at Waltham Forest College – 6 workshops to help small businesses

Anicca Digital and Waltham Forest College joined forces to host the college’s first Digital Marketing Day. The day, aimed at small businesses, consisted of six workshops covering everything from advice on developing an effective website to SEO tips and tools and an introduction to public relations.

Lead by Anicca MD, Ann Stanley and the agency’s PR Director, Caroline Spence, the workshops attracted business owners and marketing managers from across North London, all of whom were on a mission to harness the power of digital marketing and learn more about building a recognisable brand.

Presentations from the six workshops are below and are available for download:

  1. Developing your business website
  2. Introduction to social media marketing for small businesses
  3. Introduction to Public Relations
  4. SEO tips and tools for local businesses
  5. Using Google Analytics
  6. Solving common sales & marketing problems using Marketing Automation Software (MAS)

1. Developing your business website

  • Introduction to developing or improving your website
  • Is your current site performing?
  • Creating a website scope
  • Time and cost of developing a new website
  • Elements of your website
    • Content
    • Functionality
    • Design

    Download the PDF here – Developing your business website

    2. An introduction to social media marketing for businesses

    • Getting started with social media and resources required. We also look at defining objectives.
    • Planning and setup of accounts, profiles and tools
    • The importance of a content marketing strategy; what will you talk about?
    • Platforms and techniques
    • Making the job easier with tools and automation
    • Measuring and monitoring site traffic, campaign performance, reputation management etc.
    • Create an integrated strategy which combines social media and other digital marketing activities

    Download the PDF here – An introduction to social media marketing for business

    3. Introduction to Public Relations

    • What is PR and what differentiates it from advertising?
    • Understanding the time and resources required to run a successful campaign
    • Is my story newsworthy? The importance of story mining
    • Preparing content and communicating with the media
    • Why blogs and social media are a crucial element of PR in 2015
    • Collating and measuring coverage
    • How PR can help SEO and social media

    Download the PDF here – Introduction to Public Relations

    4. SEO tips and tools for local businesses

    • The digital marketing landscape
    • Maximising your visibility in the local Google search results
    • Understanding Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – a beginners’ guide
    • Recent changes to the Google algorithm and how to avoid getting a Google penalty
    • Essential tools and techniques to help you carry out your own SEO

    Download the PDF here – SEO tips and tools for local businesses

    5. Using Google Analytics

    • Getting started with Google Analytics
    • Principles of website conversion tracking and understanding what’s driving results
    • Getting to grips with the interface
    • Conversion and Goal tracking. Get useful data on the things that matter the most to your business
    • Acquisition – what drives traffic
    • Behaviour – what visitors do on your site

    Download the PDF here – Using Google Analytics

    6. Solving common sales & marketing problems using Marketing Automation Software (MAS)

    • What is marketing automation and how can it help to integrate my sales and marketing?
    • CRM and list management
    • Manage internal tasks
    • Creation of new forms and landing pages on your website
    • Anonymous visitors, tracking of individuals and web analytics
    • Email broadcasting and reporting
    • Tracking leads and sales opportunities
    • Automated or “drip” campaigns using workflows or tasks
    • Choosing a MAS supplier

    Download the PDF here – Solving common sales & marketing problems using marketing automation software (MAS)

    Help with your digital marketing and brand building.

    We’re seasoned experts in helping businesses big and small harness the ever-increasing power of digital marketing for more sales/leads and a stronger brand. If you’re in need of some guidance or would like to discuss an upcoming project, please get in touch.


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