Leicester Digital Live: Using The Customer’s Voice To Skyrocket Growth

Callum McKeefery of Reviews.io discusses how to use existing customers to support business growth. As one of the leading global review platforms, Reviews.io brings businesses and customers closer together, through the power of online feedback.

Its platform is utilised by big brands like Sports Direct and The Carphone Warehouse, as well as 3,800 other brands globally. It has collected over 7.8 million reviews – one every 0.5 seconds – and more than 900,000 review images. Images are helpful for building trust, especially when connected to a product review.

It’s come a long way from its origins – Callum’s kitchen table.

Callum McKeefery of Reviews.io on stage

The Importance of Growth

  • The digital economy is unforgiving, if you’re not growing, you’re dying.
  • Competitors will start overtaking you.

How do reviews fit into the digital marketing mix?

  • SEO is ever-changing, time consuming and unreliable – you need good content, build links and ROI is not guaranteed
  • Google is making organic much harder to achieve results
  • Google Ads are highly competitive – more reliable to drive traffic, but expensive
  • Conversion from visitor to conversion is getting more difficult, if you’ve paid to get them there you need to convert them

Harness the Power of Your Customers

  • Reviews provide a two-pronged approach – on-page and off-page
  • Every review is valuable, supports SEO and PPC
  • Use a Google licenced reviews partner to enable star rating to appear in your ads – increases click through rate (CTR) by 17%
  • Seller ratings result in increased CTR, higher quality scores, lower PPC
  • Rich Snippets increase visibility, trust and CTR
  • On-page reviews make customers more informed, provide a lower bounce rate and boost conversions

Mobile phone showing Beyonce

And the result?

18% average uplift in sales.


Elements Widget

  • Created with Instagram in mind
  • Instagram influences 72% of user purchase decisions
  • Influencers are driving sales
  • Identifies who your most powerful customers are and how to use their data
  • Not all reviewers are equal – it can identify purchasers who are influencers
  • Authenticity is the biggest challenge of the influencer world
  • Use people who are brand ambassadors by choice and are already fans of your brand

Key takeaways

  • Find influencers who have previously shopped your brand
  • Connect with them
  • Leverage their followers
  • Build high-quality relationships for a great return on investment


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