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Services for advanced marketers requiring deeper insights into user journeys and marketing attribution

Track The Full Customer Journey

We offer proprietary analytics solutions for companies requiring deeper insights into the full customer journey, allowing you to join website data with multiple data sources including Google, Facebook, Salesforce, back office systems and other third party databases. Make sense of complex user journeys and understand the value of each keyword, campaign and touchpoint the user has with your company. Ringside analytics ‘Closes the Loop’ between online leads and offline revenue by integrating with your CRM and Martech products.

Ringside Marketing Analytics

First Party Data

In a future where protection of personal data is becoming ever more critical and where browser cookies are less reliable to use, many businesses are moving their analytics in house. With Ringside analytics all your website data is collected first party and processed through your own servers before being sent to any third party. Ringside stores no personally identifiable information, keeping Ringside on the right side of privacy regulations.

Connect Multiple Data Sources

Ringside adds context to your analytics by pluging in to data from your MarTech platforms, call centre or CRM. Cost, campaign, order performance and any other data source that helps add relevancy – all connected, collected and pulled into the Ringside customer journey schema. Ringside helps you make sense of your multi-channel marketing, so that you have a complete picture of your marketing.

Prediction & Forecasting

Use AI to analyse data and recognise trends early. Highlight outliers and quickly identify potential issues or areas to drive significant incrementality. Understand whether a user will convert with 80%+ accuracy. Ask questions of the future – sales next Tuesday? More German visits than French next week? Over 14 days how well will my SKU perform?

Full Campaign Attribution & ROI

Conversions, revenue and ROAS are recalculated to show where you need to re-invest budget. Find undervalued campaigns using Ringside’s machine learning to redistribute the value of each user’s interactions. Visualise against ‘traditional’ attribution like first click, last click and last non-direct.

Visitor Level Unsampled Data

Ringside tracks every visitor interaction on your website in raw data form, giving you hit level detail of the actions each site visitor took and when they took it. Ensure enriched, accurate and unsampled data directly into your reports. 

Content Attribution

With Ringside you can finally understand the true value of your content and its role in revenue generation. With sophisticated page reports providing you with attributed value and revenue amounts along with position in the users journey. Understand what content works or doesn’t work and place a value (vov) on those pages with a higher propensity to convert.

Why Anicca?

We’ve helped hundreds of local, national and international brands extract and visualise the data they need to make better informed decisions.

We have helped our clients with Universal Analytics, GA4 and 360 account setups and implementations so we have a keen eye for what data matters.

Our Google Analytics audits have had immediate impacts on our clients business reporting and decision making and we can do the same for you.

So, if you aren’t sure if your Analytics setup is correct, or you aren’t getting the data that you need reach out and speak with our consultants today.

Our Client Case Studies

"Super helpful webinars - especially the ones regarding Google Analytics and Google Data Studio. The team really know their stuff : )" Matt H.

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