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Helping Your Business To Make The News

Integral to PR is being able to manage timely and effective press relations – proactively and reactively. This means working to a robust pre-agreed content calendar and having the flexibility to respond to opportunities to ensure you are on message whilst maintaining brand credibility and awareness.


We use a range of industry tools to distribute press releases, statements and news, targeting the publications and journalists that are most relevant for your story.

Adding the all important human touch, our team will help seed your story by making personal approaches to the media, plus will send bespoke information, images or data as required. We also benefit from having personal relationships with a wide range of journalists across a number of sectors.


As standard, we monitor the news for opportunities that we can react to on your behalf, jumping on topical issues which will help amplify your message and position you as a trusted thought leader.

Managing Your Newsroom

The team at Anicca work in partnership with your business, spending time to get to know your brand or product so we can seamlessly amplify your messages on the most appropriate channels.


In addition to a planned calendar of content, we factor in the requirement for ad-hoc or reactive communications which cannot be planned – but we can plan to effectively manage them.

This can include the creation of press statements, preparing Q&As and even crisis plans, helping you to remain proactive with your story placement keeping you on top of the news agenda.


Above all, we keep focused on your objectives, meet tone of voice and stay within guidelines, whilst seeking new and worthwhile opportunities to get positive coverage for your business.

Media Opportunities

There are often opportunities around breaking news for you to promote your business, product or brand and get in front of a huge audience.

Gain Credibility

We will share relevant articles and stories that will help bring your audience closer to your brand whilst building long-term trust.

Build Brand Awareness

Using our newsroom will build brand awareness by keeping your audience up to date on what your company has been doing and the progress you have made.

Increase Engagement

Our proactive approach to PR means we will create relevant content for your website that is of interest to journalists and can potentially be used for news collation.

Part of our newsroom service is the provision of media training for our clients. This includes message preparation, managing difficult questions, and coaching around being more confident with press conferences or media interviews. 

In addition, our industry-leading webinars and blogs, hosted by our expert team, allow you to keep on top of the latest digital updates and content marketing changes delivered in an easy to digest and understandable way.

Why Anicca?

Our team work has an always-on approach to ensure your brand or business stays front of mind. From story pitch to the creation of assets, we seek opportunities and look ahead for angles for positive promotion. Employing a detailed content plan will ensure a regular touch point across your chosen channels, plus we factor in time to react to opportunities that are relevant for your business.
As an integrated agency, means that all teams work closely together to deliver the best result for our clients. So, whether you are seeking PPC, need insights, paid social or want to deploy the latest SEO strategy, we have all the solutions under one roof. Using analytics we are able to identify opportunities and advise you on what changes you can make to stay ahead of the competition.

Our PR Results

“Highly recommend Anicca as a digital agency to help drive your digital marketing activities. The friendly, knowledgeable team were instrumental in helping us achieve our goals."

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