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In-depth technical SEO audits from our experienced team

A good technical set-up is the foundation of a successful SEO campaign. Your website may be home to some amazing content, but if search engines are not able to crawl and index it then it’s not working as effectively as it could be.

Despite it being such an important aspect of SEO and web marketing in general, many website owners are not confident when it comes to identifying and rectifying technical issues with their websites.

Many web designers and developers may not build-in or configure the technical elements responsible for helping a website get indexed, focussing more on the visuals. This is where we come in. We act as a bridge between web designers and marketing teams and managers, advising in clear terms what the issues are and how they can be resolved.

At Anicca Digtial we always aim to educate our clients as much as possible and in this case, that process always starts with a detailed yet easy-to-understand technical SEO audit.

What is a technical SEO audit?

Our technical SEO audits will take you through every aspect of the technical set-up of your website, explain how each aspect works and why it is important, identify areas for improvement and provide detailed instructions on what needs to be done – either by you, your web developer or by our in-house team.

Why is a technical SEO audit important?

In order for Google to display your website it must first ‘crawl’ your website, using  a ‘spider’ (E.G ‘Googlebot’). Once found, this crawler will follow the internal links on your site to discover what pages exist. Later in the process, Google will determine which pages are important enough to get re-crawled, to what frequency and how high they should rank within Google to best serve the user’s search queries.  If your site isn’t easy to discover in the first place, or if the internal linking structure is not configured correctly then this process is jeopardised.

This is an example of optimising for indexation and crawl efficiency, one of many technical issues we check for in a technical SEO audit.

We use a multitude of industry leading tools to gather and analyse the data needed for our audits and during the audit process we can share this data with you and support you on how to analyse it.

We take the time to carry out an extensive technical SEO audit, highlighting any and every potential technical issue that is either harming your website’s ranking potential or could harm it in the future.

This serves to make sure that your SEO campaign is as thorough and effective as possible, as well as helping to educate you further about the technical set-up of your website.

If your website serves different countries then these issues can multiply as there are additional considerations different search engines prominent in each region and technical website elements specific to helping with geo-targeting. We have performed several international SEO audits and campaigns across multiple companies, see our international SEO services for more on this.

We approach technical SEO audits with one simple aim: to leave no stone unturned. We use a range of tools to analyse the back-end of your website and apply our years of knowledge and experience to diagnose potential issues and areas for improvement.

All we need from you to get started is access to your Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts .

If you want to see just some of what goes in to our technical audits, then take a look at our in-depth Technical SEO Audit Essentials Guide.

Anicca Digital's technical team have performed hundreds of technical audits for all types of sites. Small, medium, large, e-commerce, lead generation, complex international websites – you name it, we’ve done it.

The Anicca Digital Technical SEO Audit Essentials Guide

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Technical SEO tools

We use a range of different tools when analysing your website to get as broad a picture as possible of how it is viewed by search engines. This allows us to collate a range of data to determine which areas of your site need to be optimised or improved. Some of the tools we use include DeepCrawl, Screaming Frog, Siteliner as well as Google tools such as Search Console, Test My Site, Structured Data Testing Tool and much more.

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