Anicca 4Charity: Self Unlimited – Charity PPC Case Study

Read how we have been helping Leicester-based charity Self Unlimited with their online marketing. If you are interested in how our 4charity online marketing services can help you then contact us today on 0808 2566755 or [email protected]


Self Unlimited is a charity dedicated to supporting adults with learning disabilities. Based in Leicester, they recognised the importance of a strong online presence and came to Anicca in need of some online marketing assistance.


Our first recommendation was for Self Unlimited to take advantage of the Google Grant scheme, which offers eligible charities $10,000 per month (equivalent to over £6000 or 10,000 clicks) to drive traffic to their site using pay per click advertising. Registered charities can apply to receive this free grant if they meet the specified criteria.

Working with Anicca, Self Unlimited have full access to their Google Analytics and Adwords accounts, so they can track our progress and get involved with the running of the campaign. We pride ourselves on 100% transparency with clients, so it’s a really important that Self Unlimited were able to see and take part in what we were doing.

What Next?

At present, the campaign has only just gone live. Once we have accrued a few weeks’ worth of data we will start the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) project and use the converting PPC keyphrases for on-page optimisation.

Self Unlimited contracted Anicca to set-up and manage the campaign on their behalf. They wanted their account to be professionally managed in order to maximise the number of clicks and revenue generated from their grant.

Self Unlimited contracted Anicca to set-up and manage the campaign on their behalf, as they wanted their account to be managed professionally in order to get the maximum number of clicks and revenues from their grant.

“Anicca have worked with us to highlight areas of our online presence where improvements can be efficiently and cost-effectively made, and we are now beginning to see results.”

Amanda Miller, Marketing, Communications and Campaigns Manager for Self Unlimited

Step by Step Guide to Help your Charity Apply for the Google Grant

Things you need to know about applying for a Google Charity Grant:

  • Charities (or their nominated agency) build and manage their own AdWords accounts, just like paying advertisers, but participate with the following restrictions
  • A daily budget set to $330 USD, which is equivalent to about $10,000 per month. Although the account is set-up in Dollars the clicks can be used in the UK. This is equivalent to a grant of over £6250 per month
  • A maximum cost-per-click (CPC) limit of $1.00 USD (equivalent to 62p), which  is likely to generate in excess of 10,000 monthly visits
  • Only run keyword-targeted campaigns
  • Only appear on Google.co.uk
  • Only run text ads
  • Run for as long as the organisation remains actively engaged with their Grants AdWords account
  • Opportunity to apply for additional funding up to $40,000 per month

Step One: Apply for your grant and wait for approval

Charities can apply for Google Grant online http://www.google.co.uk/grants/apply.html. You will have to provide Google with all of your charity information (outlined below) as well as provide proof of charity status.  Once application has been submitted to Google it can take up to 5 weeks, however in most cases it seems to be within a week!
Here’s an example of info required

  • Legal or official name of Charity: *
  • Mailing address: *
  • Phone number: *
  • Non-profit Type: * eg Voluntarism & Grant making Foundation, Community Improvement, Capacity Building, Human Services
  • Business Number (BN)/ Registration Number: *
  • Registered Name: * (need exact spelling and spacing)
  • Proof of charity status (PDF, TIF, JPG, or GIF files only)Organisation contact person: *

You will receive email notification when approval has been granted.

You can then follow the instructions for creating your account in the Account Creation Guide:


Step Two: set-up your account and submit it for approval

Setting up a Google AdWords account is quite complex and involves the following steps:

  • Create your account (in Dollars) and add your billing details• Link your Google AdWords account to your Analytics and create a conversion tracking code which needs to be added to your thank you page at the end of a sale or sign-up.
  • Decide on themes or campaigns for which you want to be found. For example; charity activities, selling products from your shop, regular monthly donations, promoting an event, Christmas cards etc
  • Identify thousands of keyphrases related to each of these themes using the Google Keyword tool
  • Group the keywords in small tightly themed groups (ad groups), create 2 ads for each ad group, with cause-related description and a link to the relevant page on your website
  • Set the bids for each ad group/keyphrase• Submit your completed AdWords account to Google Grants for review and activation:

UK:  http://services.google.com/googlegrants/accountcreation?hl=en_GB

Ireland:  http://services.google.com/googlegrants/accountcreation?hl=en_IE

Step Three: make live and optimise

It may take up to 4 weeks for your account to be approved. So make sure you apply early!

  • You need to set the campaign live and check it every few hours, then days in the first week.
  • Every week, we then optimise for position, click through rate, Quality Score and conversion rates. This is achieved by changing bids, pausing keyphrases or ads, adding negatives etc
  • Monthly reporting and recommended actions

Note: If you need help with setting up your PPC account, you can either join us on our 3-days AdWords Bootcamp, or you can contract our team of PPC specialists to set-up and manage your campaigns on your behalf.

If you are interested in how our 4charity online marketing services can help you then contact us today on 0808 2566755 or [email protected]


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