The Benefits of Using Channel Advisor for Ecommerce Management

Channel Advisor is a system which basically runs multi-channel ecommerce platforms for you and helps you to tailor your product so that anyone anywhere can find it, and you.

This week we’ve asked our ecommerce guru Darren Wynn what he believes the benefits of using Channel Advisor are. Basically, we’ve asked him why Channel Advisor is so helpful to businesses in helping them manage their online merchant centres such as Google Shopping, Amazon.co.uk and eBay.

So below we’ve got a list of the top 5 benefits of using Channel Advisor, a mixture of tools and things that Channel Advisor does to make your multi-channel ecommerce operations a bit easier…


1. The ‘Re-Pricer’

This tool enables users to set parameters around what they want their product price to be, the software looks at competitors and will work within the set parameters (for example maximum and minimum price), and will automatically set itself at the most competitive price. It automatically checks this a few times a day, so you’re always in the best possible position across a huge network of competitors, for example, if you list 2000 products on Amazon.co.uk using Channel Advisor, they can all be competitively priced, yet work to within the parameters YOU have set.


2. Simultaneous Platform Monitoring

This simply enables users to monitor and analyse data from their platforms on a day-to-day basis. For example, a user could see screenshots within a pie chart of sales from eBay and/or Amazon, effectively giving the manager the ability to view and manage information from one screen.


3. Account Management is Simple

Products and figures are easily managed from one screen, and if need be can be blocked from running on eBay or on Amazon.co.uk this can be done with a simple click of a button. This means that users can not only manage data easily but can also easily manage financial issues through the platform.


4. You Can See Where Any Errors Are In One Place

If an error or issue occurs which needs fast and effective attention you don’t have to come in and out of different screens and platforms, this can all be managed in one place, through the main dashboard.


5. You Can Integrate This With PPC Campaigns

Keywords can be built into PPC ads in using the experience of what does and doesn’t convert through Channel Advisor. If those products run out of stock, then your ads will then stop running – this is a far more dynamic way to run your paid ads on the web.

One downside of the product is that users should have enough products to warrant having a management system like this –Darren said:

“It’s not too effective if you have fewer products- if you have 2000 products you will have to look at software to implement it all for you, running it manually would just not be an option.

Obviously using a service like Anicca Digital’s, you have a manager there doing it for you, we work on a one-to-one basis, and we’re the ones making sure it is ticking over, and it can be a challenge.

But a system like this won’t come cheaply – being one disadvantage of the system.

We know it’s more expensive than competitors, but the support available is much better and the quality you get is higher.

You need to look at whether it is viable for your company to spend money using this system – the average user should be bringing in between roughly £30,000 to £60,000 a month minimum revenue, any less may need to look at whether it is actually worth the expense.”

If you’re interested in Channel Advisor, if you’d like to know more about it, or if you think you or your company could benefit from our services and support, then get in touch with us now.


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