SEO Audits and Consultancy

We will audit, investigate, recommend, liaise, and resolve, to drive qualified SEO conversions.

In-Depth SEO Audit and Consultancy Services

An SEO audit involves looking at how your website performs for technical, on-page and off-page SEO. We pull data related to your current keyphrase rankings, website indexation and usability, backlink status, and list detailed recommendations based on what you impact with your resources and CMS (content management system). 


We offer bespoke, one-off consultancy audits with specific recommendations that you can implement or that feed into the next phase of planned SEO work. This feeds into our technical, content and PR teams’ work. Our aim is to solve problems, find opportunities, and explain things in a simple, bottom-line format. 

Technical, On-Page and Off-Page SEO Auditing

With over 25 years of collective experience in all aspects of SEO, our team is in the unique position of having resolved SEO issues across most of popular CMS’s (content management systems) including WordPress, HubSpot, Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce. 

We will dissect your previous and current performance to account for any issues and performance trends, suggest fixes and strategic tasks for ongoing SEO activities. 


Our SEO audits cover the following key areas: 

The fixes and solutions we suggest based on our SEO audits are presented in an easy-to-understand format and language, specific to the audience we need to liaise with. If we are talking directly to a developer, we will keep it technical, if we need to speak with both technical and non-technical audiences, we will explain terminology and relate each issue and solution to your bottom line (there is no point fixing anything if we can relate it back to your conversions and revenue).

Technical SEO audit

This is the first and easiest area of SEO to impact your rankings and organic traffic, as most of these fixes can be applied in the back-end of your site. The health of your technical SEO will directly impact on-page and off-page SEO performance. 

On-page SEO audit

We will carry out a content and on-page SEO audit on how well your SEO tags are optimised (for Google and Users), whether there is sufficient content on your site to engage and convert your audience, and ensure you are using the right type of content, such as text, images and rich media. 

Off-page SEO audits

We will perform a backlink audit to determine whether the sites that link to you offer value or go against Google’s quality guidelines (spam links). We will also check if you have been impacted by algorithm updates. 

SEO consultancy

We will bring together the suggested actions, determine where they offer strategic value to prioritise them, and implement the work either directly or in collaboration with your team.

After we have built a comprehensive picture of your current organic presence we will present our findings to you, based on the value to your business targets, and we will map out how these can be implemented across a timeline. 


Depending on the timeline of the project (short consultancy piece or long-term project), we will provide structured project management with scheduled deadlines, and additional services to support your team such as training, content, creative or developer resources. 

Why Anicca?

Our SEO team bring experts SEO knowledge and techniques to your business. Their collective experience and technical expertise, provide a wide skillset, commercial awareness and creativity to SEO consultancy projects – which is essential when keeping up with the ever-changing digital landscape. This along with our in-depth content audits, backlink audits, and technical SEO audits set us apart and allow to get to the bottom of your SEO needs. 


We also work very closely with our paid search, paid social, PR and content teams, to combine campaign data and strategy ideas. We will also provide a lead into other channels where we see growth opportunities in areas other than SEO – so our commercial input extends beyond how SEO can help your business targets. 

Pall-Ex have been working with Anicca digital for a few years now and our results have been outstanding. The innovation from their team is a breath of fresh air.

Mark Steele
MD – Pall-Ex International Business Units

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