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We offer a mix of consultancy, implementation and training for our clients across most digital marketing channels. This could be a simple project to set-up a Google Ads account and then manage it on your behalf, or to provide consultancy to help you to develop a  strategy for an ecommerce website with ongoing implementation of a complete multi-channel campaign.

Most of our ongoing or retainer projects have two or more days per month. However, some clients have ten or more days per month, because they either want a combination of different channels or services (such as SEO, social media, PPC, ecommerce marketing and PR) or because they have more than one business or website.

If required, we can also support larger projects, as these tend to be multi-channel, so different specialists from each team can work on these combination projects. However, we ensure that the client has one major point of contact (via their client services manager).

a) Consultancy and insight
Our consultancy projects are usually one-off or a maximum of three months to carry out a specific piece of work. Each project is bespoke and range from £5,000 to £50,000 depending on the objectives, research and consultancy undertaken.

b) Ongoing campaign management and retainers
Our ongoing contracts are typically 6, 12, 18 or 24 months, however longer contracts are available if required. We offer financial incentives for undertaking a longer project.


We have some existing clients that only spend £1,000 per month on their ad spend. For client spending less than £30k per month on paid media, we have a management fee of £1,500 to £4.500. However, for clients spending more than £30k, we charge 15% of the ad spend with a minimum fee of £4,500 per month. This allows us to spend more time on the account, as we set-up and mange more paid media campaign, whilst still hitting your KPI targets.


For content marketing and social media campaigns, it is possible to supplement your organic strategy with a small amount of paid social advertising. For this, we would recommend a minimum of £500 for a Facebook or other paid social campaign. However, you may need a much larger budget than this for most LinkedIn campaigns, due to the higher cost per click.

If your contract is about to end, then you just need to give us one complete months’ notice to terminate the contract at the agreed time. At the end of the contract most clients normally renew their contract (to secure a preferential day rate), or they go onto a rolling contract with three months’ notice.


For most projects, we invoice on the first day of the month for the work that will happen during that month. Our standard payment terms are 14 days.

There are some exceptions, for example for short term projects, training courses, web projects (with a deposit and specific payment schedule) and for clients with a poor credit record (where we require payment upfront).

In most cases, clients have already set-up their own payments with Google, Bing, Facebook etc. So, we are happy to continue with you paying your ad spend directly.

If you are a new advertiser or you have difficulties setting-up payments, then we can make these payments on your behalf. Typically, we will invoice you one or three months in advance (depending on the monthly budget). However, we must have received your payment before your advertising can start. We also charge a 2.5% handling fee, which will be deducted automatically from your budget.

We will provide a quote and get agreement from you for any additional 3rd party costs (such as any additional paid advertising or creative costs). Third-party supplier costs or bought in materials (excluding ad spend) will attract an agency mark-up. This will be automatically included in any quotes we provide. Reasonable travel, accommodation and subsistence will be re-charged to the client at cost.

You will have complete access to all your advertising accounts, so you will be able to see all your advertising costs for each platform. We will also provide you a reconciled statement of your third-party costs and ad spend on request.

We mainly work with established business that already have a track record and are looking to change agencies or provide support for their in-house marketing team.

Occasionally we still work with start-ups, for example, when the owners/managers have previous experience working in a more established business and when they have sufficient budget (and time) to iron out all the technical issues that normally occur when a new site is launched.

As a rule of thumb, most start-ups (that want to grow quickly), will need to invest at least £30k over a period of three to six months to get a new site ready for market and to set-up and implement any digital marketing campaigns. Note, this is the likely investment required once the site has been built and does not include any development costs. 

Unfortunately, new ecommerce sites, often performing really poorly in the first few months, due to a lack of creditability, trust factors and visibility. It is often necessary to drive a lot of traffic to a site to test and improve the conversion rate, as well as test different types of ad campaigns.

As most start-ups often have a poor credit record, we will also require different payment terms, which may include upfront payments for each month’s work.


Before recommending any paid media campaigns, we carry out extensive research on your site and to understand the dynamics of your market. We will also provide you with estimates of the likely results and costs based on typical conversion rates and performance of sites within your sector.

Once your accounts and campaigns are live (at the end of month); we normally need another three months to optimise and test your paid media campaigns. However, we cannot guarantee if users will convert when they land on your site, or if they will engage with your advertising campaigns on social platforms or other media. So, if the results are still poor, (for example; if the sector is very competitive or your website conversion rates are low), then we will pause your campaigns and decide an alternative strategy.

We may recommend that we test alternative channels, or that we carry out a conversion rate optimisation (CRO) project to improve the performance of your site.


As a last resort, we will offer you a break-clause, for example if we both agree that the campaign will not be profitable, despite all attempts to improve them.


Yes – the idea of a monthly retainer is we agree a certain number of days per month (typically 5-20) and then we can plan the work over the following quarter. It is possible to be flexible with how we use your days, but we need to plan three months ahead. This is because some projects require the set-up days to be spread over a couple of months, or it can take a few months for campaigns to be optimised.

We understand that sometimes projects are delayed due to no fault of your own. However, we plan our work and budgets at least one month in advance; so, we have specific conditions and rules over rescheduling any postponed work. This is because it is normally too late for us to replace the work at such short notice.

All the rules for postponed or delayed projects can be found in our Terms and Conditions. However, to summarise:

  • – The amount of time that your project is delayed is limited to a maximum of three months
  • – You will be invoiced half of your normal invoice during the dormant months.
  • – During this time your days will be banked, so they can be used later.
  • – You must give us one months’ notice to restart the project (i.e. so we can check the availability of the technical staff and allow us to reschedule the work).
  • – When the project restarts you will be charged half the normal amount until the project is back on schedule.
  • – If the project does not restart after four months we reserve the rights to retain the payments and you may lose your banked days.

Yes – we do have a Privacy Policy. We are currently registered with the ICO and have undergone training to ensure that we collect, keep and manage all personal data (for staff and clients) in compliance with the GDPR act.


Yes – you can read our terms and conditions on the following page anicca.co.uk/terms-and-conditions

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