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Use ongoing paid media optimisation to improve paid media relevancy (or Quality Score), cut out waste, improve conversion rates & performance.

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What is paid media optimisation?

Your paid media campaigns are all set up, maybe they are getting you good results, maybe the results weren’t what you expected. But the question at the back of your mind should be, could they be doing better?


At Anicca we know the value of campaign optimisation. Because with optimisation comes better efficiencies and the potential for growth.

Optimisation itself refers to the tweaks and tests carried out on campaigns that over time help to improve their performance.


It could be changing a bid in Google ads to increase the delivery of a keyword when a user is searching or introducing new ad copy variations across Facebook or LinkedIn or Google. When it comes to optimisations the possibilities are endless.

Paid media optimsation services

Paid Media optimisation at Anicca is all about maximising campaign relevancy (or Quality Score) and increasing account performance by:

  • increasing conversion rates and numbers of leads or sales
  • reducing your cost per acquisition (CPA’s)
  • increasing Return on ad spend (ROAS)

We delve deep into the data to ensure your campaign’s potential is being met as well as your KPIs!


We have extensive experience in managing both lead generation and ecommerce campaigns, and are extremely proud that our achievements in such have won multiple awards for our approaches.

Bids & budgets

Ensure your ads are appearing in optimal positions and your budgets are effectively distributed amongst your campaigns.


From audiences to keywords ensure the initial targeting that was outlined is still performing effectively, and identify growth opportunities.

Ad testing

We will identify key themes in ad performance and use the data to guide our ad testing approach. We also help you to keep up to date with what competitors are doing.


Experiments allow you to run controlled tests to see how changes to settings, targeting and ads will impact on performance and are a crucial optimisation tactic.

Optimisation forms a key part of our ongoing campaign management and is a crucial element for all paid media channels.

At Anicca we can help you to grow and nurture your existing campaigns, as well as look for new opportunities that are currently being missed.

Why Anicca?

With Anicca as your paid media agency you can expect best in class service and expertise from our team of specialists. We are always up to date on new product releases and best practices to offer you cutting-edge solutions.

Our years of experience managing and optimising multiple paid media channels also means we have real-world learnings across different sectors that we can apply to your campaigns.

Our Client Case Studies

"“After numerous failures and attempts in finding the perfect digital marketing agency for our niche, we stumbled across Anicca Digital online and oh boy did they back the words out their mouth, very happy with overall project so far."

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